We were extremely fortunate in mid-July to have the Fitness Director from Pinnacle Health Clubs, which has four clubs around Melbourne, contact us and ask us to up skill their coaches in TRX Suspension Training and Kettle Bells. They also asked for some added information on how to implement these tools into high intensity small group training sessions for their members.  Over two very big days 23 of their coaching staff attended the courses to help them coach these very popular industry tools to their members.

Day 1: TRX Suspension Training. A full day of learning about suspension training and how to coach members on a suspension trainer. We also spent time looking at the science of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Day 2: Kettle Bell Level 1. Thanks to the Australian Institute of Kettle Bells, we looked at the level 1 content of Kettle Bells and then how we could implement both tools into HIIT training. Including mobility and cool downs.

The coaches although extremely tired by the end of day two, were all a pleasure to instruct and seemed to grasp the content very well. I’m sure the members of Pinnacle Health Clubs will enjoy the new HIIT sessions at their clubs!

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