Ian O'Dwyer - Functional Movement and Strength TrainerIan O’Dwyer is a PT Academy & PTA Global founding member who has delivered over 500 workshops worldwide, focusing on many of the controversial facets of personal training.  Ian is constantly challenging traditional methodology to strive for optimal well being through better fundamental movement. His ability to facilitate the cutting edge science and research into more user friendly practical exercises and awareness has seen trainers become more willing to “change or adapt” their way of thinking.

Ian has recently partnered with Hyperwear to create Sandbells, a fun, functional tool with hidden benefits: grip strength and  a constantly varying load for tissues to suit both your grandmother and your fittest, strongest client.  Learn more about Personal Training Academy’s Sandbell CEC course.

Ian is also one of the many globally renowned fitness leaders involved in designing Personal Training Academy’s exclusive Effective Movement Training course.  EMT offers multiple pathways for exercise prescription and provides practical tools to assess and train the body using myofascial lines, making your approach to personal training simple, effective, different and fun.