As I was taking one of my clients through a session this morning, it dawned on me: “Why don’t I ask Bob about his experiences with  PT Academy and PTA Global philosophies? He’s experienced them, as well as some of the great fitness tools that help achieve outcomes for clients.” And then I thought: “Great idea, self!” So I asked him.

Bob is already in the Fitness Industry and is a Fitness Director with a new big chain gym in suburban Melbourne. His role is to train and mentor the PTs in his facility. He’s a great client and a great sounding board as he hasn’t been around our philosophies before. He also has a fairly traditional training style when he trains by himself.

Here’s how he answered a few questions:

Me: What do you like about training with these tools? (TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, SandBells, ZUU)
Bob: Intensity. That’s what I feel I need, it keeps things interesting.

Me: How do you feel about the fundamental philosophy of being able to move better before we load your body?
Bob: I feel much better, I feel free, loose and efficient. I’m able to lift more in the weights room.

Me: Give me one sentence that describes your experience with these tools and philosophies:
Bob: It’s a positive, interesting and unique experience every time.

Me: Do you feel we meet your needs?
Bob: Yes! 

If you want to come along and learn about any of these tools or PTA’s fundamental philosophies, we’d be glad to see you!


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