Personal Training Academy is running a contest that could be a big win for you!

You have the chance to win prizes EVERY WEEK for the next four weeks. win big

Every entry will score you a chance at the grand prize – sharing a meal with PTA Global faculty members Rodney Corn, Ian O’Dwyer and Chuck Wolf during the FILEX weekend of 4-6 April in Melbourne. You have to be in Melbourne over this weekend, but you don’t have to be attending FILEX or the Australian Health & Fitness Expo to win the grand prize.

Prizes include:

A Trigger Point mini-GRID and GRID foam roller worth $100
A TRX Rip Trainer worth $200
A TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack worth $250
One spot on a ZUU course worth $360
One TRX course + Rip Trainer combo worth $500
One TRX course + Suspension Trainer combo worth $500
One online Effective Movement Trainer Course worth $500
One online PTA Global Bridging Course worth $500
One SandBells course including a ‘medium pack’ AND a ‘heavy pack’ of SandBells worth $600

TRX Pro Pack

The contest is to celebrate the launch of our new website which is coming very, very soon.

This is how you enter the contest:

  • The contest will be a hashtag treasure hunt.
  • You’ll be looking for a unique hashtag, such as #ptacademychangingfitness (it’ll change every week.)
  • Every Monday morning, we will let you know what that week’s hashtag is and we’ll give you a clue on facebook, instagram and twitter to lead you to the page of our website where that week’s hashtag is placed.
  • Then, all you need to do is post on facebook, instagram or twitter using that specific hashtag and a link to the page you found it on.
  • So for example, if we had placed that week’s hashtag on our TRX page – you  might post on facebook #ptacademychangingfitness and

Using the wonders of modern hashtagging technology, we’ll be able to tell who has entered that week’s draw.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Things heat up at FILEX and the Australian Health & Fitness Expo in Melbourne over 4-6 April. There, we’ll be hiding the #hashtagbadges (actual objects) with our industry partners  on their stands – companies such as TRX, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, HF Industries and others – but we’ll update you on that additional contest closer to April.

To recap – you can enter just one week, or every week, or none of the online stuff but just the in-person stuff at the Australia Health & Fitness Expo. There are lots of ways to win and your odds are good – our network isn’t millions of people (yet!)

Good luck!

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