There are trillions of fitness blogs out there vying for your attention with glorious photos of chiseled abs and bendy yoginis. I find it hard to filter through all the burpees and barbells to actually get to content that’s useful or interesting, but I definitely have a top five when it comes to useful blogs and websites. And in no particular order they are:




I stumbled upon b.livewear on Instagram. The account and blog (of the same name) is written by Belinda Norton-Smith. What I admire about Belinda (besides her rock solid body) is her ability to combine working full time as a teacher, being a mum and looking after a family, all while maintaining an incredible level of health and fitness. I don’t know how she does it but she shares lots of great tips about how she makes it work. You’ll find dedicated fitness, family, food and fashion posts. Belinda’s Instagram account or blog is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever after some motivation to get moving. There’s just something about Belinda that makes me want to do a push up and simultaneously organise my household with a label maker. And I like it.


The Guardian Health and Fitness

While not technically a blog, I like the mix of articles on The Guardian’s Health and Fitness pages. The site offers a good selection of news, research, interesting podcasts and interviews that regularly change. There’s a section purely dedicated to running and biking and you’ll also find a heap of health and wellbeing news. And if you’re still not sold then surely the allure of the ‘Ask Alanis Morrisette’ agony aunt advice section will get you across the line.


Liza Howard

I’m new to the world of trail running and recently discovered this incredibly funny and inspiring blog by champion trail runner Liza Howard. She lives in San Antonio, Texas. Liza doesn’t take herself too seriously, despite being a legend at what she does. So I love her. Liza’s posts about training and running are equally broken up by posts about piles of donuts or whatever else she has been doing that day. There’s a great balance of fitness information, inspiration and humour. Even if you’re not a runner it’s still a great read and provides lots of laughs.


PTA Blog

This isn’t a stitch up. I truly rate this blog! I didn’t come across the PTA blog until I started researching personal training courses, but I regularly come back to it. For me it combines everything that I’m interested in – fitness, personal training, health and online learning. Posts are frequent and by a wide range of people, so there’s always something I want to read. Maybe it’s that the health and fitness blogosphere is very saturated, so knowing there’s a one-stop shop for all the info I’m after in one spot is appealing. I’d say it’s a must read for any personal trainers, aspiring personal trainers or anyone with an interest in fitness.


Breaking Muscle

This is a new blog/website on my radar. The articles are informative, researched and considered. It might be the Virgo in me, or my background in journalism, but I like reading blogs or articles that utilise research, evidence or experts. The articles on Breaking Muscle are usually written by experts and cover a wide range of fitness topics. You can always be guaranteed to find something new or informative about the latest fitness trend or just about anything fitness related.


A highly commended also goes to MindBodyGreen, another source of great health and fitness information. You can find it here

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