A good first step to kickstart your personal trainer career is to obtain your Career PT (Certificate IV in Fitness + Certificate III Pre-requisites) from PT Academy. Once you have decided that a career as a personal trainer is right for you, choosing this certification program will help you become a professional fitness trainer. Once you get started with this program, our master educators and trainers will provide you with a combination of both digital and hard copy study materials.

After completing the theory part of this course, you can put everything you have learned into practice by either attending the weekend workshops (Premium Delivery) on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm on our campuses, which are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane or arranging work experience through your local gym with a Certified PT.  Additionally, the preparation for this fitness certification course is self-paced. We provide all the tools you need; we have a self-service resource center and a social study community.

Where can you use this certification?

There are several things that you can do with the Certificate IV in Fitness + Certificate III Pre-requisites. While the most obvious way to use your certification is to train clients, you can also use it to expand your career beyond helping clients in the gym. Other innovative ways to increase your reach and revenue include:

Providing online personal training: This certification qualifies you to create and run your own personal training business. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself training clients face to face. The personal fitness world offers digital opportunities, and for everyone client you train in person, there will be dozens of others that can use your services but not necessarily in your neighborhood. To offer training online, you will rely on the exercise knowledge, coaching skills, and programming experience you obtain from the PT Academy course.

Create programs for fitness brands: The fitness industry is always looking for new and evolving programs. Fitness companies, gyms, and brands rely on professionals to help them develop and implement new programs. As a PTA certified personal trainer, you can lend your skills and knowledge to this process.

Write informative articles or blog posts: As you help more and more people take control of their health and fitness, you will get more followers. You can gain traction with a larger audience and start building your credibility through fitness writing on websites, blogs, and in magazines. In your author bio, remember to mention your fitness trainer certification.

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