My introduction to PTA was more accident than design. At the 2013 UK fitness convention, Fitpro, I witnessed Bobby Cappuccio admonish a lecture hall of bleary-eyed attendees when no-one responded to Bobby’s question as to whom was attending the PTA Global workshops that weekend. Unbeknown to me, for I was there through a chance conversation the previous week, I had booked on two PTAG workshops – I could have put my hand up! Those workshops were great, and in continuing my professional development I subsequently opted for the PTAG pathway; its’ blend of systems, sciences and tools I experienced at those workshops felt a good fit to my own aspirations. Though my initial PTA training was UK based, when the opportunity of attending mentorships came up in Noosa I jumped at the chance. I love to travel and learn; the two combined – irresistible.

At this point I was less than 6 months into my professional fitness career; I had stepped out of my finance career 18 months prior. So in preparation I revisited the syllabus for the Bridging and Advanced courses. I then felt ready for attending, as coming from the other side of the world the prospect of the mentorships was as daunting as it was exciting. And whilst this work stood me in good stead it also initially wrong-footed me slightly. All my previous professional development had been on courses and exams where there is an emphasis to some degree on passing. I assumed a mentorship would be the same, but it simply is not. Instead the emphasis is on a shared, supportive learning experience and in doing so there is plenty opportunity to contribute towards this outcome. M1 woke me up to this fact and through sharing how I was feeling with fellow attendees I gained greater clarity; there was no pressure to perform, we were all there to develop and grow; as coaches, as leaders, as people. This shifted my entire perspective and was a significant breakthrough for me.

Following M1, the Presenting and Educating Mentorship was powerful; two days of creative presentations and constructive peer feedback was inspiring to be a part of. At the outset my expectation was to come away knowing whether this was an area of my career I wanted to develop. The answer was an emphatic ‘Yes’ and I have since gone on to present lifestyle talks on behalf of the club I represent using the e3 principles of Education, Entertainment and Empowerment.

After a rest day, M2 took place and it was here that I really felt my preparation paid off. Of particular interest to me has been the use of DR O, MOVE and Gears and Goals. The presentations and practicals really helped in my greater understanding and subsequent post-Mentorship application of these tools.

If you’re thinking of doing any of the PTA Mentorships then I couldn’t recommend them enough to you, irrespective of where you are in your career. I am still, almost a year on, developing my daily practice from a combination of what I learnt on the Mentorships, integrating and applying this with a greater appreciation of where my clients are ready to be met. On a personal level not only do I feel part of the PTA community but through the friendships forged on the Mentorships that I have a family down under as well.

My experience from the Mentorships was an incredible one. Yours will be too.

About Kenny Manson:

Age: 41kenny manson
Profession: Health Coach and Wellness Mentor for Healthhaus
Specialisations: Functional Movement (TRX, ViPR, Trigger Point Therapy,
Rehab Trainer), Nutrition (Precision Nutrition)
Favourite hobby outside fitness: Musician
Favourite/current sport: Football
Favourite Food: Practically any/all types of fish

Why did I choose to become a fitness professional?
I didn’t entirely choose to become a fitness professional; this line of work chose me too. In March 2012 I experienced a life-changing injury/condition that meant continuing along my existing financial career path was no longer an option. Yet at that time I didn’t envisage a career in fitness despite being a qualified personal trainer. In receiving inconsistent diagnoses of what had occurred I set out to find the answers myself. It was through this learning process that I came to the realisation that a career in fitness was one option open to me.

What separates me from others?
In learning from my circumstances I’ve travelled the globe and worked with, or been mentored by, health, fitness and wellness leaders and pioneers. I’ve had the great fortune of learning the latest methods, process and philosophies from a number of different cultures and distinct perspectives on wellness. The mind-body connection is of huge interest to me; an area I am constantly studying. In essence I’m always striving to apply and expand my knowledge to deliver my very best to you; to empower you with the skills and confidence to help you achieve your goals.

Training Methods
Whilst I have numerous fitness qualifications across a range of areas of expertise what really matters is you. I seek to make each and every training session challenging yet enjoyable, motivating yet fun. A balance. I come from a background where processes are everything, I believe in the ethic of “what gets measured gets managed”. So I make sure we’re tracking your progress but always being very mindful of how you are and how you are performing on any given day.