A PTA Student Shares Some Studying Tips article image by PT AcademyA PTA Student Shares Some Studying Tips

If you’re studying online through the Personal Training Academy and you’re anything like me, then there are probably times when you wish you could press pause on your video lecture and ask the presenter a question through the screen.

While I can usually find the answer to my question in my subject notes or supporting materials, sometimes I need or want more context. So, where do I go? (this is in no way an exhaustive list, or one that PTA have suggested, it’s my own personal list and it’s what works for me).

1. Course notes
As I mentioned above the first place I always look is the supporting materials that have been provided to me online because I know it’s easy to miss something or skim over something.

2. Textbooks
I’ve been given a couple of older style texbooks, which have come in handy. I’ve also purchased the Essential Guide to Fitness eText through Pearson Australia. All of the relevant information for my course (Certificate III in Fitness) has already been provided by PTA, but I like having the eText on hand to search for keywords and to learn a little bit more about the topics I’ve found more challenging (um, I’m looking at you anatomy and physiology).

3. I call the Personal Training Academy directly (1300 556 540 XT 2)
A lovely man called Shane has always answered the phone when I’ve called (soon he might even get a little red flashing light to warn him it’s me with ANOTHER strange question). But jokes aside, every time I’ve called this number I’ve been given the information or help I need. It’s easy when you’re studying online to get too comfortable sitting behind the computer screen, but I can’t recommend picking up the phone highly enough.

4. Social media/Team PTA/other students
I was reluctant to start an Instagram account (and now you can’t stop me) but I’m thankful I did. I’ve been able to connect with other PTA students and have gained invaluable knowledge and connections this way. Sometimes even just being able to ask “Hey do you find this hard too?” or something like that can relieve some stress and confusion about your studies (it has for me anyway). And if you’re on Facebook then make sure you look out for Team PTA if you’re not already in the group. It’s an amazing place to connect with other students, educators, fitness professionals and PTA professionals. You can ask anything you like and I can guarantee you’ll get a response. Utilising social media has been a game changer for me since I started studying.

5. Other PTs or people in the fitness industry
Every time I walk into the gym or meet up with my running group you can be 100 percent sure I’ll be stalking the closest personal trainer and asking question after question about… well…. pretty much anything. I love learning. I love hearing how people utilise the skills they learnt through studying into real-life situations. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to qualified personal trainers or health/fitness professionals then don’t be shy. Ask questions, ask for help and you’ll be amazed at how willing people are to share their knowledge.

And I have to give an honourable mention to Dr Google. BUT be careful! It may be the journalist in me, or the fact I can start googling where the carotid artery is and before I know it I’m watching Italian videos of cats surfing, but either way Google can lead you astray. Be sure that the information you’ve found is up-to-date and that you can verify the source of the information.


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