You’re a good Personal Trainer, right? You want to help people reach their goals and achieve their dreams. What if I told you, you could discover how potential and current clients actually like to be trained? Imagine you could find this out in less than 10 minutes!

Just imagine you could get feedback on sessions that let you keep delivering training sessions that suited your client’s goals and training style. Yes, there are different training styles!

The PTA Global Bridging Course is designed to not only to empower you with the necessary skills to be successful, it also addresses the business challenges a Personal Trainer faces: creating revenue, client acquisition and client retention.

The course provides practical solutions for understanding and applying behavior and communication strategies, business and marketing, exercise programming, biomechanics and movement philosophies.

Recognized industry leaders want to encourage you to train people the way they want to be trained and get more people moving. The bridging course empowers you to give your clients, what they want, how they want it.

We have three options for you to discover this powerful education.

  1. Fully online.
  2. Online with a one-day practical day with PTA Global Faculty.
  3. Online with a two-day mentorship with some of the PTA Global Co-founders.

Course dates and costs can be found at

Watch out for a video soon!

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