One of the tag lines for TRX is “all places”.


We say that because TRX tools are so portable and easy to anchor. The simplest tool to anchor is the TRX Rip Trainer. Well actually, you don’t need to anchor it to anything for some traditional symmetrically anchored exercises. However, this tool comes into its own when training whilst traveling. (Just one suggestion, don’t try and take it as carry on luggage!). It is very easy to attach to any decently grounded structure. Park bench, railing, vertical pole, anything like that works!

One of the best places I have ever used it was on the beach at Caloundra on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast (just an hour north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane). I found these pics whilst cleaning out the iPhone lately and I think they demonstrate the variability of the Rip well!

If you would like more information on how and where you can use this tool, come and do the TRX Rip Training course with us!

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