Yes, that’s what’s on offer for our PTA students, past and present. On Wednesday, 2nd April 2014, these three fitness legends and PTA world renowned educators will be here for you to pick their brains. Or get them to teach you new exercises. Or heck just go out for coffee. It’s going to be a student-led day!

rodney headshot chuck wolf headshot Ian O'Dwyer

What about? Whatever you like!

We need you to help us set the agenda and choose topics. I won’t even suggest any so that you have free rein to be creative: what would you like to know?

You can comment below, or leave a message on our facebook page to make a suggestion.

What: Rodney Corn, Chuck Wolf and Ian O’Dwyer

When: Wednesday, 2nd April, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Where: PT Academy Melbourne headquarters – 128 Commercial Road, Prahran, VIC

Price: A bargain $150 + GST

To book: email [email protected]

**Please note – there isn’t much space in headquarters that day as we’ll have a new group of Cert students in – so places are also limited! Strictly first come first served – get in early!


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