Roman Pilates offers personal trainers the opportunity to run their own business and contract space in two exclusive studios in the Eastern Suburbs, avoiding the high costs and overheads of renting your own space. By becoming part of their team, you will learn to train clients using our unique Integrated Functional Training Method (IFTM).

Their clients range from rehabilitation to sports performance. The focus of our work is to create change using a variety of methods ranging from Pilates, Suspension, Surfset, high altitude and resistance training.

Prerequisites: You must be interested in working as a full-time fitness professional. An instructor at Roman Pilates needs to be self-motivated, proficient in functional training and displays strong business leadership, communication and organisational skills. You will be expected to run your own business using our registered training method. Trainers are expected to maintain their own insurance, professional registration and first aid certificates.

Contact details: Naomi Pendergast
phone: 0434081052