Bronwen Edwards is a Personal Trainer and Life Coach in Brisbane with studios in Wilston and Fairfield.  They offer our clients a holistic service where we work on Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Recovery.  She completed Personal Training Academy’s  TRX Suspension course last year and is hosting a fundraising cocktail event for Roses in the Ocean at the Brisbane City Hall on Saturday, 3 August 2013.

Bronwen founded Roses in the Ocean after the suicide of her brother in 2008.  The event on August 3rd is raising money to support suicide prevention initiatives which embrace the experience and wisdom of people who have been touched by suicide.  They are expecting over 250 attendees, so be sure to purchase your ticket early!

The Story of Roses in the Ocean:

Roses in the Ocean” was born when a young Australian chose to end his life on August 31st 2008.

A young man of 43, ex RAAF Fighter Pilot Combat Instructor and International Commercial Pilot, highly respected, and loved by so many – gone.  And yet, with all the medical, scientific and technological advances of the 21st century, we understand little of what causes such tragedy to occur or how to treat it.

Mark was one of a reported 2191 people in Australia who took his or her own lives in 2008.  Mark is the brother of ‘Roses in the Ocean’ Founder, Bronwen Edwards.

Bronwen and her family gathered at Mark’s favourite beach at his home in Coolum Beach, Australia, and placed roses in the ocean a couple of weeks after his funeral.  The day provided an opportunity for Bronwen and her husband to speak to their young children about why their Uncle had died.  It was important they understood that having a mental illness did not mean you would die, and that if you asked for help there were people who could help you get better.

The ocean, with its waves crashing upon the shore, and calmer waters out deep, provided a symbolic platform of the turbulence felt by people suffering suicidal thoughts and/or a mental illness.  Placing the roses in the ocean was a tangible way of reaching out and connecting with those around you to send a message of understanding, acceptance and support.

We have to make it “okay” to talk openly about suicide and mental health issues. Taking part in Roses in the Ocean events will help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide and help to build a community where people feel encouraged to speak up and ask for help.

Funds raised through “Roses in the Ocean” are directed to suicide prevention initiatives that are making a real difference.

“my heart hold you just one beat away
the tears in my soul fall quietly every day
stay close, watch over me from so many stars apart
roses in the ocean, your forever in my heart”

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