Online fitness programs are becoming more popular as technology and remote working expands. Having an online program can be an excellent addition to your face-to-face business, or it can be your sole business if marketed effectively. 
Below are 7 of the fundamental steps in order to begin setting up your online fitness program. 
Step 1. Identify your target market, and perform your analysis: As an absolute minimum, you need to know and understand their wants (so you can provide), their needs (so you can address them) and their pains (to alleviate).
Step 2. Build an exercise library: Create an unlisted folder on YouTube or Vimeo and film as many exercises as you can think of to be available on your online platform.
Step 3. Write a 3-4 phase blueprint program for your target market. Treat this like a group ex-situation where your programming focuses on a certain goal and depending on your client’s individual abilities and ailments you can make adjustments for them.
Step 4. Create an online application form: MailChimp, Wufoo and Google forms are some platforms where you can create an opt-in form that provides you with all the necessary details. You can also create an online pre-screen for them to complete that sends through with their details.
Step 5. Develop a payment system: Depending on how you would like to set up payments, one-off payments can be made through Paypal or Stripe, for example, otherwise if you prefer a steadier stream of income, opting for a weekly or fortnightly direct debit option will also work. Quickpay, Paysmart and EZ Debit are just a few that personal trainers use as DD options.
Step 6. Build your credibility as a professional: Make sure your social media and digital marketing are on point. Ensure your FB page is posting at least once per day and addresses one or more of the four pillars of digital marketing (Value, Credibility, Desire & Trust). Ensure your IG is posting once per day and utilise Boost posts. (The advantages of boosting posts as opposed to using FB advert manager is coming up in another post soon!)
Step 7. Create an exclusive Facebook Group for all your online clients to connect. They can connect directly with you and it is a great platform to ensure accountability, launch challenges and let your clients share their experiences.

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