Personal Training Academy’s friend and brand ambassador, Shannan Ponton will be sharing regular insights into developing his career as a personal trainer and fitness advocate.  Be sure to post any questions you’d like to ask Shannan in the comments below.

PTA: How and why did you grow your career in the fitness industry?

Shannan Ponton: When I first started in the fitness industry there was no Personal Training. You only had two choices – gym floor or aerobics instruction.

I worked full time as a builder and at the gym in the evenings to make money. You could earn $12.50 / hr on the gym floor or $35 – $50 / class. It was a no brainer, I had to teach classes…One problem…actually many problems, I couldn’t hear the beat in music and was totally uncoordinated!

So of course I did what I’ve always done; proved everyone wrong.

I became an instructor.

It took me months of practice just to get the music thing, then more months of practice to get my arms, legs and body going in the correct direction, well almost. It took dogged determination and patience (and a thick skin, as I was often the brunt of jokes and ridicule) but I prevailed!

I went on to be a successful instructor, instructor trainer and conquer every class style on offer. There is nothing in the gym I can’t do Freestyle, Les Mills, Spin, Step, Box, BT, Bootcamp, Circuit or Pump, but it took years of practice and commitment. I wanted to be a fitness professional, not just a Personal Trainer.

Shannan Ponton and PTAcademy

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