Personal Training Academy’s friend and brand ambassador, Shannan Ponton will be sharing regular insights into developing his career as a personal trainer and fitness advocate.  Be sure to post any questions you’d like to ask Shannan in the comments below.

PTA:  What has been your biggest source of inspiration through the years, what currently inspires you?

Shannan Ponton: My greatest source of inspiration is my passion for a fit, challenging, healthy and rewarding life.

Inspiration, like motivation must be intrinsic, if it’s going to last. It’s the fire that burns deep inside your belly. It’s that accountability and desire to stay true to my beliefs that allow me to get up when it’s cold and wet, with a tired, stiff body and go out to deliver the best session I can, regardless of how I’m feeling.

As a trainer I’m a role model and must live up to those expectations –no excuses.

I am now inspired by my clients and contestants. I’m past performing PB’s in most competitions, but training clients and contestants on The Biggest Loser now gives me that same rush, that natural high we all crave.

The morbidly obese contestants I train on Biggest Loser exercise for 3-4 hrs each day, every day for 12 weeks! They hit PB’s virtually every session. Watching them triumph and achieve the unachievable inspires me, boosts my energy and recharges my soul.

It’s the other energy equation: ENERGY OUT- The energy and emotional investment you put into your clients. ENERGY IN- Seeing the success, achievements and happiness of your clients, gives energy abundantly back to you!


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