Show your clients some love: the ultimate client retention tool!

How do you feel about feedback? If you’re like most of us, when it’s good feedback, you love it, but what about when you get the scarier, more USEFUL stuff? You know – the valuable feedback you can actually use to improve your sessions? Most of us avoid confrontation like the plague and we often mistake feedback for confrontation instead of seeing it for what it is.


This fear of confrontation on the part of the client and the trainer creates an invisible wall of niceties, where only superficial topics make it over the wall. You ASSUME things are going well, then BOOM! The next thing you know, you’ve got cancellations and clients dropping off! You’re left wondering….what the heck went wrong?

The only way to break through this wall is by giving each other permission to be honest. This isn’t always easy (to say the least)! Some clients are more guarded than others and some trainers prefer the ostrich approach (or ‘head in the sand’ technique). To make the leap from niceties to reality, PTA Global has created the single most important retention tool in the industry.

Drumroll please: I’d like to introduce…..the Kaizen-6![arrows style=”arrow-3-1.png” align=”center”]

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The Kaizen – 6 (Kaizen means continual improvement) was created by industry pioneers to bridge the gap between trainer and client. It consists of six powerful questions. The questions can be used in a formal, sit down goal setting review with your clients at set times OR you can use individual questions in your sessions or whenever you feel you may be headed off track.


You will be amazed by the information you get from your clients!

Show your clients love and teach them to ask for what they want without any FEAR of rocking the boat!

Kaizen-6™ Questions:

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  • What aspect of your training have you enjoyed most with me?
  • What results have you noticed?
  • Is there anything in particular you were hoping I would do or wanted me to help you with that I have not done yet?
  • What can I do to make your experience even better?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, where are you in terms of satisfaction with my training and my services? What would it take to make it a _____ (two numbers higher)?
  • Which goal is most important to for you to achieve in the next 30 days and why?


Ask and then LISTEN without judgment of them or yourself. Use those responses to boost the relationship and IMPROVE! You’ll both grow from the opportunity and the client-trainer relationship you’re cultivating will become stronger.

Love and Fitness,

Mel dos Remedios

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