target market



After understanding your target market (Lesson #3), your first priority is to target new leads that have been identified. Use the best methods to target your clients in order to increase the number of new leads and conversion rates of clients.



Once you’ve developed an understanding and gained knowledge about your audience, act on it! Targeting people with similar qualities and interests will make it easy for you to attract new clients that you can confidently produce successful results.


For example, let’s say your client base is mostly older age people who are keen on golfing. This allows you to develop certain programmes and exercises to suit their needs. It also allows you to develop wise advertising techniques such as utilising nearby golfing clubs and courses. Most of these clients may even be part of a golfing team who are connected to potential leads who may be also interested in your services. Populating these areas with flyers and business cards is a great way to expand your client base.


Another example to consider is a client base of stay at home mum’s. These women may be free during the day but at 3pm they have to collect their children from school. Advertising techniques such as giving flyers (with information and images specifically targeted at these ladies), to local schools is an effective way of generating new clients with similar characteristics. It is important for you to demonstrate the ability of your services to affect and change their lives. This is due to the fact that parents are often stressed out by their kids and need extra motivation to exercise.


If you want more help with advertising techniques and methods, keep a lookout out for Lesson #5: Constantly advertise yourself in order to gain effective exposure.


Exercise: Take 2 minutes to investigate areas frequently visited by your clients and develop specific marketing material for that audience.