Overhead med ball press PT

Giving away free or discounted trials will make your services more financially feasible and attractive to clients. When people are confused, in a rush or simply just don’t want to think about it too much, they will always go for the cheaper option. This increases significantly when you wisely include the word ‘free’ in your offer or promotion.


This probably doesn’t sound very appealing to you as you are operating a fitness business. Yes, you will be working at a reduced rate and yes, you may have to work for free occasionally. However, remember to think about the long-term picture. Businesses who only focus on the short term will fail because they have not strategised for the future. Giving someone a discounted trial of your service allows them to consume your product without commitment. Humans are scared of commitment; they do not like to be locked in to anything; especially when it involves their body and their money. This is why it is so hard to get new clients in the door. You have to make sure that potential clients are completely comfortable with you and your services. Discounted trials are the perfect way to do this! Once you take away the monetary barriers, people are far more likely to give your business a shot. Potential clients will then consider investing in your business in the long term. Moreover, you will get a chance to get to know the client and learn how to retain them.


You do not need to offer huge discounts in the short or long term. However, it is a very effective technique to gain new clients. Below are a few great promotions that you can run in order to attract new clients:


  • Buy X amount of sessions and get one free
  • Buy X amount of sessions for Y amount of discount
  • One free trial session


Exercise: Think of 3 freebies or trial options to offer prospective clients that are aligned to your business. Trial it for 2 weeks with new leads and judge its effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to talk to clients about what they think of the promotions either, first hand feedback is very valuable!