Let’s instill the six-pack mindset in you. It’ll take focus and discipline, but we know you are up for the challenge to reach your health and fitness goals.

Many strive to have a six-pack abdominal. It only takes excellent nutrition, an exercise routine, and a special mindset. We call this way of thinking the six-pack mindset.

Developing this mindset is the key to your success. The mind drives you, giving you the energy to act in achieving your six-pack ab goals.

Goal Setting

The six-pack mindset starts with setting clear goals. Ask yourself some questions. Why do you want a six-pack? Are you able to change your habits and behaviours to achieve this goal? How can you achieve this in a way that is functional and healthy for your body?

Once you answer these questions, make a commitment to stick to your plan. Mindset makes all the difference.

Get Your Six-Pack

How do you make the shift from wishing things would change to turning your goals into a reality? There are three parts to this:

  1. A Clear Goal: Avoid the vague and half-hearted goal-setting. It will do nothing for your confidence and the likelihood you reaching that goal is low. Saying “I’d love to have abs so I’ll just go to the gym more” has no direction, no plan, and no real measuring point. The goal needs to be specific so you can act in making it happen.
  2. Focus: Nothing great happens without a clear sense of direction and laser focus. You need prepare to work hard, work smart, and stick with your plan.
  3. Resilience and Adjustments: There will be setbacks, and like anything worth having, it will take resilience to make it happen. Listen to your body, be patient, and prepare to adjust your plan to reach your goal.

 Achieving Success: Putting the Six-Pack Mindset to Work

What is your long-term goal? Once you define that, the next step is to create short-term and daily goals. Keep it bite-sized to make the overall goal achievable. Do you want to hit a personal best in a certain lift? Do you want to be consistent with meal prepping every Sunday so you can eat the way you need to? Could you learn a new movement technique? Spend more time stretching and working on recovery? These little goals all add up to give you your end result.

Setting Your Daily Goals

Write the goals on your bathroom mirror. While you are getting ready in the morning, you can see what drives your day-to-day. It puts the goal in your mind so you are ready to take on the steps to getting there. 

Stay organized. Use a physical calendar, phone reminders, write things on your hand, or an online app. Stay organized and document the progress towards your goals. Monitor your workouts, journal about how your body is feeling, notice the progress towards your aesthetic goals to achieve your six pack.

Keep it fresh. Variety and healthy habits are important in establishing your daily goals. Focus on nutrition, keep your meals colourful and fun. Stay disciplined and motivated in your exercises. Be reasonable with your lifestyle and tailor your fitness routine to something that suits you best. It’s all about staying motivated.

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If you can do all of these things, you are well on your way to having the six-pack mindset. Remember, it is all about how you feel. All bodies are different and grow/build in different ways. Enjoy the process of getting stronger, more functional, and being on top of your plan! Your end result will be the outcome of an ongoing lifestyle change.

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