Look up a great way to get people moving in the dictionary and there should be a picture of this!

sit for a ticket

You may have already heard of this fantastic initiative from Russia. People can exchange 30 squats for a ticket on the train. How cool. I think this is a great idea to encourage two things that will benefit society.

1. Give people a reason to move more!

2. Make public transport more affordable.

I wonder what other movement based payment schemes we could come up with? Movement for a public transport ticket is a great start. What about ‘cycle your energy bill down’ or ‘walk the cost of vehicle registration down’? 

Does anyone have Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s contact details? Has he seen this great initiative? Let’s put this in ‘government speak’ so they can understand on the hill in Canberra:

To the person / persons responsible for the health and wellness of our nation at a national and state level (let’s address it to both, that way one can’t say that the other didn’t pass it on). We need to have an adult conversation (boy they love saying that at the moment) about how getting people to perform a movement in exchange for a public transport ticket is a great idea for the health of the people of our girt by sea nation. Yes, there may be some conversations we need to have about how to raise the fiscal needs (get the cash) to initiate this project (get it started). 

So, let’s have an adult conversation to start a conversation about the health benefits of movement for tickets on public transport. It is important to have all members of parliament involved in this adult conversation so that they can be a part of the conversation for a better Australia.

Feel free to comment what moves you think we could get people to do.

Let’s see if we can start a trend by just getting people to start ‘squatting’ at bus stops and train stations anyway.

#squats for public transport