The personal training industry is growing quickly. As more people across the globe become aware of the benefits personal training has to offer, the more this industry has started to take off. Best of all, the demand for personal trainers is greater than ever.

If you have the desire to help others reach their fullest potential, then starting your own personal training business might be the right path for you. However, just because you are passionate about personal fitness and helping others get in shape does not mean that your personal training business will be successful.

The opportunity to capitalise on the growth in this industry has led to an increased number of personal training businesses across the country. This steep competition means that you will have to work hard to stand out and draw clients to you and your business. If you want your personal training business to thrive, you have to think about more than just fitness, and create a business model and a brand that will help your business rise above the rest.

Here are some tips for creating a successful personal training business:

Obtain personal training certifications

You do not need to get a degree from a four-year university to become a successful personal trainer, but you do need to show your clients that you are legitimate. Obtaining a personal trainer certificate will show clients that you have the specific skills required to work both with individuals and groups of people seeking personal training.

In addition to obtaining this certificate, you should pursue other certifications specific to programs and areas that will be offered through your business. You can earn personal training qualifications in areas like nutrition and obesity or fitness instruction.

If you are looking for a way to earn these certifications, Personal Trainer Academy is the best company to use. They offers several coursesand qualifications accredited by Ofqual regulated awarding organisations, and they can help you receive certificates and diplomas in personal training.

If you want to have a successful personal training company, getting the proper certification is one of the most important steps you need to take.

Market your business

Your personal training business will not be successful without clients. Make sure that you are making your services accessible and spreading the word about your business online. Here are a few ways you can help build your brand online:


Create a website so that potential clients can get an idea of what to expect from you before they make their first visit. You should put information about your personal trainer qualifications and certificates, details about the services you provide, and other relevant information that they will need to know.

Include pictures of your building so they will be able to see the equipment and space you have available. You can also include a space for testimonials and positive feedback that will encourage new clients to try your services.

When people are interested in using their services, they will want to look your business up online. Make sure you have an easily accessible, user-friendly website that will help them decide to become one of your clients.

Social Media

Utilise social media in order to let people know about your business and to keep them engaged with your brand. Your accounts should have links to your website in the bio, and they should also mention your certifications. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to post photos of your gym or training area, and make sure you post content and engage with your followers regularly. Use popular hashtags to expand your audience and gain new followers. This is a great way to provide easily shareable snippets about your business that your clients can share, and it will help increase your brand awareness.

Try to make connections with potential and existing clients by including live Q and A videos, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos of your workouts that will help them feel like they are getting to know you and the way you work. Include a call to action that will draw them to your services. This type of marketing costs little more than your time, but its benefits are priceless.


Include a blog on your website and link to it on your social media page. A blog is a great way to draw more business and keep your clients engaged with your brand. Create high-quality content that your clientele will find interesting and valuable. Try including articles about staying in shape, exercises, or nutrition. When your blog adds value, your clients will be more likely to visit your website and interact with your brand.




Follow other personal training businesses

Complete Personal Training by Damian Hall is the perfect example of how you should market your personal training business online. This Ireland-based business has a website that displays services, a class timetable, and several positive testimonials. They have introduction videos and information explaining how their classes and bootcamps work. Their website also includes a clear call to action, asking visitors to sign up for a free consultation.

The Complete Personal Training website also has links to a blog and social media sites that are updated frequently with interesting and relevant content. With this level of marketing, it’s no wonder that this personal training business has been successful for years. Follow their example when it comes to marketing, and you will find success with your personal training business.

Build positive relationships

If you want your personal training business to grow, you need to nurture your existing client relationships. Make yourself available for clients who have questions or concerns, and respond to all feedback right away.

Remember that your business would not exist without your clients, and treat your clients accordingly. More than your credentials and your certifications, people want to feel like they are working with a trainer they feel comfortable with and can trust. Do everything you can to help your clients feel this way.

Establish policies and procedures

If your clients are not able to schedule regularly, or they are able to cancel appointments at the last minute, you will have a difficult time growing your business. Come up with a set of standards that will cover everything from scheduling appointments, making cancellations, making payments, and billing. Once you have determined your business’ procedures, make sure they are clear and that each of your clients agrees to these terms. This will save you a lot of headache in the future.

Make a good first impression

Before an individual decides to become your client, they are going to want an idea of your style and the results you can provide. Offer them a free consultation or a short work out session that will help them get to know you and your dedication to fitness. When you have this initial meeting, make sure to focus on demonstrating your value. Every person who meets with you should leave knowing exactly how you can help them make positive changes and see results.

This meeting is also a great opportunity to go over your rates, your scheduling and cancellation procedures, and any additional information that will help influence their decision. Let them know your personal trainer job description so that they do not have unrealistic expectations about what they can accomplish during your sessions. This transparency and clarity will prevent you from having unhappy clients down the road.



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