What are the keys to a successful personal training business? When Personal Training is run systematically and consistently, it significantly improves member retention and revenue. This article will outline six keys to success in this business.

  1. Hiring the RIGHT trainer for your facility

Rushing to hire someone because you are desperate OR hiring someone ONLY based on their qualification are big mistakes. You must understand the person you hire by learning their Talent Dynamics Profile BEFORE hiring them. Certain profiles will find the daily activities of personal training almost impossible – i.e., talking to members, listening to other people’s needs, and considering how to deliver the best service. It’s much better to KNOW if someone is right from the beginning to save money, resources, and heartache.

  1. Ongoing development

The industry is constantly changing, along with the expectations of clients. By developing your PTs regularly, you can ensure they stay updated with the changes, deliver a quality experience, and have higher job satisfaction. This all translates to better retention of members and PTs.

  1. Lead management

Tracking the leads each trainer receives and periodically following up with the PT AND the clients allows you to provide REAL time feedback with meaning for your PTs. Creating a culture of continual improvement for the team means no one is expected to be perfect, and mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth rather than something to be ashamed of.  Client feedback rather than you sharing your opinion has more significance and will encourage PTs to smooth out those rough edges in their sessions.

  1. Feedback AND recognition

Recognising PTs regularly for their contribution to the culture and success of your club makes them feel like they are part of a team rather than tenants. When was the last time you “caught” a PT doing something right? The more things you notice them doing well, the more those behaviours will continue and increase. This also puts credit in the account when you must have a genuine conversation and provide feedback. They will be more likely to take the feedback seriously and work to improve.

  1. Proactive recruitment

As in point number one, waiting until you desperately need a PT to recruit will put the wrong type of pressure on the situation leading to rushed decisions. Creating a regular recruitment cadence to reach out to the marketplace or recruit members internally allows you to cultivate strong relationships with future PTs and bring them into the culture to ensure they are the right fit. Offering industry info sessions and providing work experience are great ways to stay on top of recruitment.

  1. Maintain a consistent trainer-to-member ratio.

It’s easy to be influenced by your top trainers, who might be fearful of competition. “We don’t need any more PTs; it’s hard enough as it is….” The reality is that PT becomes HARDER to sell without the proper trainer-to-member ratio. Other members need to see that PT is part of the culture. The more they have visibility of PT sessions, the more likely they are to purchase. Maintaining a ratio of one PT to 150-250 members in metro areas and one PT to 200-300 in rural areas will stimulate member engagement and increase PT sales for ALL PTs.

Why fitness managers avoid developing PTs

Most fitness business owners bypass this step because they feel they are NOT the experts and don’t believe they can add value. This is NOT true. Managers and owners have experience with coaching, business tracking and sales. This knowledge is exactly what most PTs are missing. Knowing the right questions to ask in a way that PTs will respond to can be highly valuable to the PT’s development and growth.

What about the technical stuff?

The technical side of PT, programming, periodisation and structuring sessions to improve sales conversions can be daunting. However, there is support available. That is why PT Academy has created a scaleable PT Onboarding Program that includes professional, business and practical development. Our systemised approach can empower club managers and save time.

Need some help getting your PT business into shape? PT Academy offers a streamlined scaleable PT coaching and development tool proven to improve PT sales, revenue and culture!

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