energy vampire

The dreaded energy vampire!

  If you’ve been a Personal Trainer for some time you’ve experienced it. If you’re just starting out in the industry you WILL experience it. The… Read More >>

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Why would I train with an asymmetrically loaded bar?

Let’s think about it. If the majority of the muscles attached to the spine are orientated diagonally (the “Serape effect”), it would make sense they therefore are… Read More >>

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Queensland has a new fully fledged Trigger Point Therapy Master Coach

Congratulations to Josh Scott who finished his apprenticeship as a Trigger Point Therapy Master Coach! He has now completed his final assessment and has become a… Read More >>

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Research Shows the Power of TRX Training

You can easily access numerous studies on the topics if you are looking for an answer on optimising athletic or physical performance. However, much of that… Read More >>

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Newly Qualified Trigger Point Therapy Instructors in Melbourne

Hi all. I wanted to acknowledge the 16 people we had at the latest Trigger Point Therapy SELF (there’s a reason I highlighted – self) Myofascial… Read More >>

The ZUU comes to Melbourne

What a fantastic day! A brilliant group of excited (and nervous) coaches attended the second public ZUU course in Melbourne today. We went through ZUU culture… Read More >>