Why do the Trigger Point Therapy Gastrocnemius Release?

A lot of time in the fitness industry we see a lot of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. This probably isn’t the best way to understand what… Read More >>

Trigger Point Therapy CEC courses

Myofascial Release for Tennis Elbow? Here’s The Research!

Lateral epicondylitis is a condition you may know as tennis elbow, a condition where the outer part of the elbow area becomes sore and tender. This study goes… Read More >>

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Queensland has a new fully fledged Trigger Point Therapy Master Coach

Congratulations to Josh Scott who finished his apprenticeship as a Trigger Point Therapy Master Coach! He has now completed his final assessment and has become a… Read More >>

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Research Shows the Power of TRX Training

You can easily access numerous studies on the topics if you are looking for an answer on optimising athletic or physical performance. However, much of that… Read More >>

The ZUU comes to Melbourne

What a fantastic day! A brilliant group of excited (and nervous) coaches attended the second public ZUU course in Melbourne today. We went through ZUU culture… Read More >>