Your love for fitness, health, and nutrition may qualify you to be a personal trainer. Due to the freedom and time this career choice gives you, you may be tempted to become a full-time personal trainer to enjoy the flexibility and numerous health benefitsthat come with it.

Whether you want to become a personal trainer due to your love for fitness or a flexible career, it will take more than just knowing the fundamentals and different exercise and training techniques to become a successful personal trainer. Indeed, most of the essential skills needed have to do nothing with exercise.

Top 5 Skills Every Personal Trainer Should Have


Your passion for fitness, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and education both for you and for others will enable you to teach and guide your clients through their unique training programs. What’s more, you will be able to motivate them and instill confidence. According to Chris Powell, success as a personal trainer isn’t about what you are able to achieve, but what you can help others to achieve.


As a personal trainer, your biggest responsibility will be to inspire others to work their bodies to achieve their set health and fitness goals. This isn’t as easy as it may sound, as you will have to assist them in shaking off their natural lethargy and their lack of time– the two most common exercising obstacles.

Your leadership skills will motivate your clients to sweat it out and push themselves to their endurance limits. Leadership skills are necessary to influence and lead your clients without being overbearing. It is also important in commanding respect from your clients which will make them follow you.


Your clients will come from different backgrounds and they will all have their unique physical and mental challenges and limitations. Your ability to relate with them on a personal level will highly depend on how well you’re able to listen and understand their plight. Your empathetic nature will enable you to see through your clients’ eyes and understand their goals and tailor a personalized fitness plan for them.


Just like any other career, as a personal trainer, you will need to show high standards of professionalism. This can be through the manner you conduct yourself and the way you dress. It is also important that you be sincere and polite when dealing with your clients and show them that you value their time by being punctual. A personal fitness career path calls for a great deal of dedication and self-control and involves lifestyle changes. Always be polite when dealing with your clients, and create a reputation for practicing what you preach.

Strong Communication Skills

As a personal trainer, you should get information across clearly. You don’t want to make any mistakes that will cause injury or undermine workouts. Having a “just do it!” attitude won’t help either. Personal trainers have to speak well and communicate important pointswhen putting clients through a workout routine. Your communication skills will extend to text messages and emails. As a personal trainer, you will also be in constant communication with your clients through your phone.

Tips on How to Develop Essential Personal Trainer Skills

If it’s knowledge that can be builty upon easily , you can improve or even learn new skills.. You don’t need to have the IQ or talent of a genius to dramatically get the skills you need to become a successful personal trainer. However, it will take a lot of persistence, will power, and deliberate practice. Nothing will stop you if you’re determined. To learn and improve your personal training skills you should:

Get Financially and Emotionally Invested in the Skill

Before you can start anything else, you need to ask yourself why. Why do you want to do what you have set out to do? What about it makes you tick? Only when you have a strong answer to this question will you get the emotional drive to pursue it. There are several “whys” you may need to acquire essential skills like doubling your odds to become a successful personal trainer. Your emotional attachment will also prompt you to invest in a Movement Coach Course or a TRX Trainer Certification course. Investing in something will lead to solid commitment.

Get a Coach

One of the best ways to learn and acquire a new skill is by getting a coach or a mentor. However, not everyone can become your personal fitness coach. Get a good personal trainer who is good at coaching. You can determine the best by analyzing their track record and ensuring they have successfully taught several other people like you.

Hiring a personal coach can be expensive but enrolling in a Movement Coach Course or a TRX Trainer Certification course may be more affordable. By enrolling for either of these courses, you will progress gradually based on a well-prepared plan that has worked for others.

Need Help?

If you need help to become a better personal trainer, visit PT Academy. You will acquire personal fitness knowledge and training from qualified personal trainer coaches. To get started, enroll in the TRX Trainer Certification or the Movement Coach Course today!




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