At PT Academy, we eat, live, breathe, and sleep fitness, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy an afternoon in front of Netflix now and then! If you’re looking for the next doc to inspire you, or just need something to put on while you’re on the bike, here are 10 great picks for your next Netflix and chill:

1. Heal

Heal, directed by Kelly Noonan is an inspiring documentary featuring some of the world’s most famous healers. Discover wisdom imparted by spiritual scholars and healers like Deepak Chopra and Gregg Braden, and learn lessons in mindfulness and the power of thinking. In essence, Heal is about the simple idea that your thinking can help your body heal.

2. Tidying Up

You’ve probably already watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, but on the off chance you haven’t discovered this charming show and host yet, we had to include it in this list. While not strictly health or fitness related, the mental clarity and happiness that can be found in the art of decluttering is a definite mental health boost.

3. The Game Changers

Do you like bodybuilding? Are you interested in plant-based diets? Voiced by famed bodybuilder, actor, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Game Changers challenges the meat industry and toxic masculinity in this exploration of vegetarianism in the world of professional athletes.

4. Unrest

This Sundance award-winning doc focuses on a little-known disorder called chronic fatigue syndrome. Unrest is the product of a 28-year-old Harvard Ph.D. student and her boyfriend exploring her life as someone suffering from this mysterious syndrome. Unrest explores the response of the medical industry to this un-studied condition and reveals the lives of other individuals suffering from CFS around the world.

5. Ronnie Coleman: The King

Eight-time Mr. Olympia title winner Ronnie Coleman reveals the measures he took to win these titles in Ronnie Coleman: The King. Now, post-career, Ronnie Coleman has undergone six major surgeries including hip replacements and attempts to alleviate the chronic pain he now experiences as a result of his years of lifting heavy weights. Though he now needs crutches to walk, Ronnie hasn’t lost his passion.

6. I Am Maris

Lots of us find yoga helpful for centering both the mind and body, but for Maris Degener, yoga was lifesaving. I Am Maris follows Maris’, a teenage girl struggling to battle depression, anxiety, and anorexia. This heartwarming doc shows us how Maris overcame her life-threatening mental health conditions and learned self-acceptance and love.

7. Ask the Doctor

Going to the doctor can be scary, and Googling symptoms usually just sends you into a grim spiral, but in this cheerful and educational documentary, you can get advice on some of those burning medical questions you’ve been pondering. Ask the Doctor features three good-humored and friendly doctors who share candid advice, test health trends and products, and put some health myths to rest for good.

8. Magic Pill

You’ve probably heard everyone you know talk about the keto diet, but if you’re still intrigued and want to hear a few more people talk about it, this is the doc for you. Magic Pill follows doctors, patients, farmers, and chefs as they discuss how a ketogenic diet could impact your life and your health. Covering controversies and successes, Magic Pill explores the opinions of naysayers and those that see the potential for healing common illnesses with the keto diet.

9. Iron Cowboy

If you are unfamiliar with Ironman distance races, they consist of this: a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and finally, a 26.2-mile run. Iron Cowboy follows James Lawrence as he trains and embarks on a mission to complete 50 Ironman distances over 50 consecutive days in 50 states. An intense and touching look at the limits of human capability and mental fortitude, Iron Cowboy will take you on an emotional journey as James fights for his dream alongside his family.

10. Roll With Me

A heartwrenching and inspiring story of family, fitness, and finding yourself, Roll With Me documents a 3,100-mile journey in a wheelchair. Newly sober paraplegic Gabriel Cordell invites a rag-tag gang of misfits to join him on his more than 3,000-mile trek across America. Amongst the gang is Cordell’s nephew, a young man battling his own drug addiction. Roll With Me will have you feeling inspired by the physical, mental, and emotional fortitude of humanity.

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