It may feel counterintuitive to turn to a screen for your health and wellness advice, but in truth, there are some amazing health, wellness, and fitness apps available right now. Since we are well into 2020, many of us have probably already given up on our New Years Resolutions, so now is the perfect time to go looking for a little extra motivation.

In this list, we have compiled some of 2020’s best fitness and wellness apps. Whether you are looking for a holistic approach or something with a little more kick, there’s a fitness app out there that will fit you perfectly.


While being able to see an instructor or follow along with a workout video is great for certain things, not every workout is one that requires a visual. Aaptiv is a fitness app that features more than 2,000 trainer-led audio-based workouts, perfect for everything from using the elliptical to stretching. With Aaptiv’s audio-based classes, a professional trainer is with you through every step of your workout. Aaptiv also features thousands of songs and playlists, so you can choose the perfect groove to go along with your workout of choice.

Key Features of Aaptiv:

  • 2,500+ trainer-led workouts set to music
  • Workouts start at just 7 minutes
  • 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon training
  • Audio classes for running, cycling, yoga, high-intensity interval training, etc.
  • Classes are downloadable so you can listen offline
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to download – offers in-app purchases


Developer Zen Labs presents C25K, the original ‘couch potato to running a 5k’ app and program. With the help of C25K, even people that believed they hated running can be ready to run a 5k in as little as eight weeks. C25K guides users through 30-minute workouts, 3 days a week, for eight weeks. Each workout features a mix of walking and running, gradually building up as stamina and strength begin to increase. C25K even features curated playlists from some of the world’s top DJs to help you stay motivated throughout your run.

Key Features of C25K:

  • Calorie and distance tracking
  • Map your runs
  • Listen to curated music from C25K or your own favorite playlist
  • Audio-coaching for every session
  • Easy enough for first-timers and long-time runners
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to download – offers in-app purchases


A worldwide #1, Calm is a mindfulness app that offers guided meditation, sleep stories, breathing programs, and more. Perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike, Calm features hundreds of guided sessions for mindfulness at every level. Calm features a number of mindfulness programs, so whether you need help reducing anxiety, being more present, gaining confidence, or simply learning to embrace calm, the Calm app has a guided program for you.

Key Features of Calm:

  • Guided meditations starting at just 3 minutes long
  • Sleep stories narrated by some of the world’s most soothing voices
  • 7 and 21-day mindfulness programs for meditators at every level
  • Mindfulness topics like calming anxiety, managing stress, relationships, forgiveness, and more
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxing scenes and sounds
  • Music
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to download – offers in-app purchases


A first of its kind, Ph360 offers users a custom lifestyle program to help them lose weight, eat healthily, and discover truths about the self. Ph360 tailors all its features to your unique body, giving you valuable insights designed just for you. With targeted recommendations for personalized meal plans and nutrition, custom workouts built for your body, and lessons in social engagement and environmental planning, Ph360 helps you get and stay healthy physically, socially, professionally, and personally. Ph360 covers everything having to do with health, giving you valuable insights regarding your unique body, weight loss, metabolism, sleep, and so much more.

Key Features of Ph360:

  • Food rankings to show you what foods are best for your unique body
  • Personalized mindfulness and sleep recommendations
  • Personalized fitness with help to make exercise feel good
  • Discover ideal environments and social interactions for your individual needs
  • Methods backed by scientific research
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to download – paid membership


YogaGlo is a yoga, pilates, and meditation app for yogis of all experience levels. Choose from one of the hundreds of classes, each designed to target different needs. Whether you want a mid-day pick-me-up at work or are looking to burn some calories after a big weekend meal, Glo has something for you. As you continue to use Glo, you’ll receive curated recommendations for a more personalized approach to yoga. Each and every session available on YogaGlo is taught by a certified, world-renown yoga teacher, so you can rest assured you are learning from the best.

Key Features of YogaGlo:

  • Guided class series to take you on a journey
  • Downloadable classes for yoga when you have no wifi
  • Meditation, pilates, and yoga for everyone from beginner to expert
  • Create custom collections featuring your favorite lessons
  • Search tools so you can find the perfect workout every time
  • Contributions from world-class teachers with experience and expertise
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to download – offers in-app purchases

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