In the space of only a few weeks, my life and the lives of everyone on the planet were dramatically altered by COVID 19.  The new virus had up until now been some distant concern happening in another country. It became very REAL, sending us into a collective shock. COVID -19 was the unwelcomed, sinister, global visitor forcing us into isolation.  Once we began to adapt to the new normal and settle into our domestic confinement, we all clamored to create some normalcy, some routine which would hint at the lives we previously had.

The isolation created an opportunity to make improvements either to ourselves or our homes. We’re now ready to tackle those daunting tasks that previously seemed impossible with hectic schedules. What to do with all this spare time? So many options at home, workouts, Netflix binges, social media immersive, cleaning out the kitchen drawer, panic? 

For many people, this is the perfect time to explore the world of meditation. We’ve all heard of the benefits. Mediation was previously in the “When I get some time, I’d like to start…” basket. WELL, here it is—time to connect with your true self and give your brain a break from all the constant thinking.

I dabbled in meditation for years, after yoga class, a few guided sessions, etc. It wasn’t until about 18 months ago when I was experiencing extreme stress that I got focused on meditation. Well, that’s the trick you see, mediation doesn’t need to be a chore, so I guess what I meant was I committed to quieting my mind every morning.  I was amazed; this wasn’t hard to do. I noticed that the “me” time was helping me handle situations that would’ve previously sent me down a rabbit hole of self-criticism or negativity.  

Real-life shit was still happening on the daily, but I was able to give it a bit of space and say “oh, that is some shit happening, hmm. I wonder what that’s all about” I also found a new appreciation for my family and my work. Committing to meditating was the most significant gift I’d ever given myself and those people who’ve been dealing with my unique brand of crazy for years.

When I first started this process, I noticed lots of thoughts that took me on different paths; my mind is hectic, its continually trying to figure everything out and solve the next problem and the next problem after that.  I also noticed I was trying to get into a perfect meditative state. (I’d been there before, and it was incredible, peace, stillness, space kind of impossible to describe) but after MORE practice, I realised that “trying” to get to that perfect state every time is in it of itself defeats the point.

There is no perfect state; there is only the current state of being, like where you are right at this moment. Accepting and embracing your current state instead of wrestling with what IS, that is what you will learn. It’s like a workout. Not every workout Is 10 out of 10 high intensity, PBs go for gold.  Some workouts kind of suck, some are boring, some are motivating, some are amazing, and everyone is worthwhile and something you don’t regret doing.

The same goes for meditation. It’s all good, don’t worry about doing it right. There is no right or wrong way. Each sitting is unique, and each moment is unique and another chance to explore your inner world, your inner being, which is more powerful than you know.

So don’t worry about doing it right, find a time to sit, take a few deep breathes, close your eyes and ask yourself, what is here NOW? Keep breathing and listen.

That’s it.


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