The fitness industry growth rate is 2.6% worldwide. If you’re a personal trainer, especially one who’s just getting started, you may be having difficulty attracting and retaining clients. This has a negative impact on your cash flow and can keep you from having the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Even if you’re a more seasoned professional, it’s important to ensure that you remain innovative. With technology constantly evolving, you can get creative about how you promote your business and serve your clientele. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

If you’re not using the right strategy, then you’re missing out on important opportunities that could your grow your brand and rake in a lot more cash.

Sell Memberships

You could significantly increase your earning potential by implementing a membership model. Booking sessions every month leaves you vulnerable to cancellations. Plus, no one wants to worry about constantly chasing down clients for payment.

Utilizing a membership model allows you to collect client fees through electronic funds transfer and auto-debit directly from customers’ accounts. A great way to spread the word about your business is through social media. A recently found that 75% or people on Instagram alone, will take action by visiting a website, after seeing an Instagram ad post.

Offer in-home Personal Training

There is nothing wrong with training at the gym, but if you really want to make some extra cash, providing one-on-one training sessions is the way to go! People love the convenience of being able to train from their own homes and are willing to pay top dollar for this service. Providing in-home training lets you double, or maybe even triple your earnings. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about splitting your profits with a gym. You can create training plans and routines for your clients and set your own prices accordingly.




Host Boot Camps

Boot camp workout sessions are an extremely popular option for those who can’t afford a personal trainer, or who just simply prefer to workout in groups. You can organize sessions to take place at a park for free and quickly grow your steady income. Boot camps are typically offered at a group rate which is usually a small percentage of a single personal training session. Be sure to collect all payments upfront to avoid having to track down your money later.

Offer Customized Workouts and Meal Plans

EveryBODY is different. There is no one-size-fits-all method for getting in shape. As a personal trainer, you know that while a simple change in diet may help some people, others may need daily exercise to melt away those extra pounds. Think about developing a customized workout and meal plans for your clients.

If you’re a certified nutritionist, you can also charge clients for consultations and personalized meal plans. You can quickly grow your clientele by designing plans that have been tailored to meet their specific needs.

Develop Online Workout Subscriptions

More and more people are shopping for goods and services online. In today’s era of advanced technology, a business must have an online presence in order to remain connected and engaged with their customers.

Offering online subscriptions to your workout service is a great way to connect link with the modern consumer, and remain competitive.

Many people enjoy working out at home. They are looking for workouts that are efficient and can give them the result they’re looking for. Create workout subscriptions to give your customers exclusive access to daily workouts.

It’s important to establish a strong following of supporters before launching this service. Clients only want to invest their hard earned on dollars with people they trust. Work hard to establish your niche of loyal clientele, and they happily sign up for a subscription.

Start a Blog

A blog or website is the lifeline for a personal trainer/fitness pro. It should serve as the main platform to drive further engagement outside of social media or in-person interactions. This is the space to provide your audience with deeper insight into what services or products you have to offer, and is your opportunity to broadcast your expertise.

Blogs can generate income for months or even years to come. They are also important because blogs allow you to control your content. While social media plays an important role in building your following, you do not own the platform. If Facebook or Twitter shuts down, you will lose all of the content you have developed. However, you own your website free and clear, which gives you the power grow your audience and monetize content.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product, service, or brand that you use or recommend to your readers/followers. The is to have trust and authority. If people believe in you and your brand, they will follow your advice and purchase products or services that you recommend.

There are several affiliate marketing sites you can register with that will give you a percentage of sales from purchases made through your website. The earning potential here is unlimited and can help you generate the additional stream of income that you need to support your growth.

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