I’m sure it’s not going to be hard to guess what some of the biggest fitness trends for 2017 have been. HIIT training has come in at third most ‘trendy’ type of fitness. Have any of your preferred training methods made it to the top 3 this year? Let’s find out!

THIRD PLACE: HIIT Style Training

It’s no surprise that the popularity of HIIT training gyms such as F45 have grown in popularity, given the myriad of physiological benefits that come from high intensity style training. It’s time efficiency, high work capacity and ability to burn fat whilst building some decent muscle have propelled HIIT style classes into the commercial circuit with speciality classes added to the mainstream repertoire.

SECOND PLACE: Body Weight Training

Second place sees the acrobatic antics of body weight training maintaining its top position in Fitness Trends of 2017. The intrigue and impressive strength of callisthenics and acro-yoga have been annihilating social media channels demanding full engagement on all platforms. Body weight training has made the charts since 2013, given it’s easy and free characteristics. No gym is necessary and mastering body weight tends to be a more popular goal and a more preferable accomplishment than equipment-based training goals.

FIRST PLACE: Wearable Technology

First place is no surprise as this trend has taken top spot for a few years now. At number 1 spot we have Fit Gadgets and wearable technology. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are two of the most popular purchases for fitness enthusiasts. GPS tracking, distance tracking, footsteps, heart rate trackers and body composition trackers have become household necessities for the serious fitness gurus and with the constant developments and upgrades from brands such as Apple and Fitbit, there is no wonder that these tech pieces have made it into the mainstream household.


Do you use or participate in any of the top 3 trends? Let us know your experiences!


What are your predictions for 2018?

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