We’re  aware of the time constraints that we all face with day to day life.  With our flexible learning approach, we offer Certificate III & IV in Fitness via online, blended or intensive options.  This means you can study at your own pace and fit this in with your busy lifestyle. Sometimes the best intentions can get lost amongst our many commitments of everyday life, leaving study one of the things that can fall off your radar.  Here 3 tips to help our Personal Training Academy online students stay on track.

 1. Plan your study

This is a sure-fire way to keep your study on track.diary_inside

Depending on everything else going on in life, plan when you know is the best time for you to study is.Is it weeknights? Sunday afternoon?  If other plans come along, reschedule your study, so that you will always manage to finish those hours that you promised yourself to complete when you enrolled in the course.

 2. Motivation

motivationMotivation is key !  If ever you feel that your study is taking second place to something on TV, think about why you enrolled in the course in the first place.  Was it a burning desire to change your life?  To finally get your dream job? To live and breath Fitness and helping others achieve their goals?

Think about your goals and do everything you can to reach them, they are there for the taking.  You are the creator of your own destiny !

online-study-pic3. Your study environment

Some find that complete silence is the key to concentration.  Some must have a noisy background whether it be in the local cafe or the TV on in the background.  Find your ideal study environment and this will help you make the most of your allocated study time. You may even find that you will study for longer or more often.

If you require any assistance, you can call our Education Team on 1300 556 540 and they will be able to assist with any questions you have regarding topics, assignments or anything that you are not sure on. If  it’s midnight and you just not sure where to go next, email us at [email protected]


If you are not a Personal Training Academy student call us on 1300 55 540 to see how easy it is to get you started.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on many tips to successful online learning.  To help get you through always go back to is: Think about WHY you enrolled into the Personal Training Academy  Course, and do everything you can to achieve.

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