This is a guest post from Impact Fitness Somerville, who are looking for trainers. 

We recently purchased Impact Fitness Somerville (IFS) to provide a fitness centre that is different to the rest. We are a local family, passionate about health and fitness and we bought the business as we feel there’s a real need to be able to train large groups of people in general fitness WITHOUT having to enter into expensive contracts or monthly payments that happen whether you go to the gym or not!

Many people join gyms and pay a monthly fee or a yearly membership with good intentions, however when you train by yourself or rely on a friend you can easily find yourself losing motivation and not going, whilst still paying. That doesn’t seem fair to us!

At Impact Fitness Somerville we have a focus on your health and well being. Whether it is general fitness, body toning or losing weight, you can do it all in one session with like minded people. We create an energetic environment where you will exercise to high energy music, have a laugh and enjoy your workout whilst you push yourself past your previous limits by simply lifting weights or spending time on a cardio machine.

The team at IMPACT FITNESS are looking for qualified PT’s to be a part of an exciting and fast growing fitness centre situated in Somerville. PT’s have their own exclusive area which is not shared with casual members, so no more waiting for machines or fighting for space. Olympic sized boxing ring included.  No equipment needed, all is supplied.  Fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms on site.  The fitness centre is even child friendly, with a kids area for use by your clients.

Contact us to come and have a look at the centre & see if you’d like to be part of our team!

For all enquiries, contact Mitch Mace on 0408362018 or email [email protected].

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