So, absence makes the heart grow fonder?

What about, those that play together, stay together?

I have the privilege of training a few couples. I also get to see couples that attend Continuing Education Courses together. It is always brilliant to see how the interact at the start of a session. Usually I note that they’re not standing to close to each other and have other things (besides each other) on their minds.

Then we start moving. They mobilise, play some games together (those who know me or have seen my last blog will know that, that, usually involves balloons – thanks Ian O’Dwyer) and do some general movement patterns to prepare them for the session to come. Then sometimes I like to pit them against each other and see who wins. Other times one partner will need a completely different type of session to the other.

Its a great way to get people (especially partners) relating to each other without the stress of the daily grind.

If competing, they often start picking on each other, the next thing you know they’re laughing at and with each other.

If one partner knows the other is in pain, it is very comforting to see, the not in pain person, show compassion and concern for their partner.

One of my biggest rewards is watching a couple walk out together, interacting, smiling at each other and maybe just maybe even holding hands.

So instead of marriage counselling what if we called it “Movement Counselling”?.

On that note, go grab your significant other, better half, or a good friend and get moving.

P.S. Have Fun!

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