Many people think of travel only as holidays, taking time to rest or even solving business issues. The
truth is travel can involve much more than that and it can bring many unexpected benefits. Not only
vacation or solutions to your problems but also the possibility to increase knowledge, even about

Every journey involves renewal, which is awesome for the body and mind. We have all seen and felt
the benefits that a trip, long or even short, can bring to a person.

In our regular days, we get used to doing the same activities. Wake up, work, often study, workout, go
home and take care of children, other family or do home tasks! Without realizing it, we create a
routine! And as much as we enjoy what we do, repetition often leaves us getting tired and maybe
even stressed. Travel can be a fun way to renew your spirit and brings other health benefits.

You will leave your comfort zone, the environment you already know and you will spend a time period
in a new location, totally unknown!

Reasons why travelling is good for your health:

1. Slows you down

If you are immersed in an accelerated routine, you will, of course, become an accelerated person.
Even if you do not realize it, you're going to start eating faster, going faster, working faster. When
traveling, you stop this cycle and your habits change in your very first moments.

2. Improves your mood

In your travel, you will start missing home, your dog, friends, your work. You will miss and see
your daily activities in a positive way, seeing how many good things you have in life, and you will
start feeling refreshed! This feeling may last long enough for you to make some changes.

3. Change of habits

We do not realize it, but routine turns us into robots! Many bad habits are acquired by haste and
over-commitment. When travelling, you will have more enthusiasm to improve your quality over
quantity, to improve your routine, to take more care of your soul beyond your body. It will be
possible to see other activities, other cultures and insert it into your life as a way of learning. You
will be able to enrol in that yoga class, start that organic diet, go back to the reading club or start a
new hobby.

4. Improve sleep

One of the first symptom that things are not going well is the quality of your sleep. Spending a
period travelling (preferably without electronic devices), with an easier schedule and fewer
appointments, you will notice when you return that you are more relaxed to sleep.

5. Increase self-esteem

One of the factors that come with stress is low self-esteem. When travelling you will meet new
people, have more fun and smile more, all of which is scientifically proven to improve self-esteem.

6. Fighting Depression

A journey renews the soul with new activities, learning, experiences, friendships, memories for
life, which helps you to get out of a state of stress or depression, to a lighter life, with different
insights about yourself and the world.

Each trip you take, no matter how big or small, is an amazing opportunity to get to know yourself,
enjoy your own company and improve your life from the inside out.

Happy Travels!

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