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A lot of time in the fitness industry we see a lot of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. This probably isn’t the best way to understand what impact you are having on your clients. In fact Fitness Australia themselves are starting to drive our industry toward research-only based practice. Well…. the good news here is that Trigger Point Therapy continue to do research as to the effectiveness of their tools and how using them can aid your movement. The most powerful thing about Trigger Point Therapy is that it enables people to perform SELF myofascial release techniques to help themselves. As a Trigger Point Coach, we want to empower you to give your clients the tools to be able to perform these techniques for themselves.

This article explains where the Gastrocnemius muscle is located. Yes, I’m sure you superstars remember, but it might be worth revisiting it. It also explains how it affects the joints above and below it and some of the roles it plays in movement. If you look at myofascial anatomy, we can also see how this can affect the rest of the human system – check thisĀ reference, from Anatomy Trains; Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists & Movement Therapists by Thomas Myers.

Enjoy the read, fellow movement geeks! And as we say at Trigger Point Therapy Learn More. Move Better.

– Chaddy