Personal Training Academy’s Trigger Point Performance Therapy ‘Ultimate 6’ course is catching on and for very good reason – it can give immediate results that clients can see and feel.

Our Trigger Point instructor in NSW, Brendan Tuck, has been working with triathletes and CrossFit athletes and he’s written a firsthand account of some of the things he’s been seeing and hearing about Trigger Point.

“Whenever I’m talking to people, whether it be out cycling, running, swimming or at a cafe, I always ask if they have any injuries, pains or tightness. The answer is always “YES!” As soon as we start talking about how Trigger Point Performance courses can empower them to address these problems, their eyes light up! It’s a win/win situation.

Trigger Point Performance is a researched, systemised process for soft and deep tissue release. This is why it works: instead of using a flat surfaced foam roller on that “tight spot” which doesn’t yield the results your looking for, Trigger Point tools have different shapes and textures. With TP we can show people immediate results by using a “reveal” process that shows them the difference between the side they have worked on and the side they haven’t.

I’ve used TP on various clients who’ve had Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, sciatica & ITB syndrome. I’ve been privileged to work with the Australian U23 Triathlon team and athletes such as Chad Mackay at the 2013 Crossfit Regionals as well as competitors at the National Indoor Rowing Championships, with great success!

I’m a strength & conditioning coach running Personal Training studio VO2 Vitality in Wollongong, which is not an easy gig with so many 24hr gyms and Crossfit boxes opening up on every block. Trying to gain new clients or break into sporting teams and athletes is not easy! Most sporting teams/athletes already have their own S&C programs or Coaches, TP is allowing me to tap into that part of the market that no-one else seems to be addressing.

As Cassidy Phillips says “You brush your teeth everyday for a purpose, and that’s to keep the plaque off your teeth. The same thing happens to other areas of your body, you just don’t realise it”. As the fitness industry is moving towards a rounded holistic approach, myofascial release techniques should definitely be part of everyone’s education.”

Here’s a video of Brendan’s recent course:

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