Yes I know, tough place for a conference, right? It was an amazing venue for a fantastic conference. Approximately 60 TRX instructors gathered from around the world to be a part of this brilliant event. There were coaches from the UK, Taiwan, Romania, China, Vietnam, Japan, India, Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada and of course Australia. We had four coaches representing Australia and New Zealand. Krista Sirota, Marin Lazic, Brendan Tuck and myself.

One of the aspects of the conference was to make sure all the TRX coaches all over the world are up to date with the latest education that TRX has developed. One of the great things about TRX as a company is they’re always continuing to research Suspension Training and evaluate why it is such a powerful tool. During the three days, we got to delve deep into to some of the science and research that is being produced to support TRX Training. We were given some simple cues that help get clients into really effective movement on the TRX Rip and Suspension Trainers and I know that I can’t wait to give these cues to aspiring TRX coaches, especially via the Level 2 TRX Force course.

Ok, ok, yes, we had some fun. We did crazy activities like Acro Yoga, we had to perform some physical competency challenges (I still had fascial / muscle soreness 4 days later!) and we had to invent some TRX Rip or Suspension Training movements (look out for some of those to be released in the near future).

The thing I enjoyed the most was connecting with the other TRX instructors from around the world and catching up with the Inventor (Randy Hetrick), head of human performance (Chris Frankel) and seeing the inventor of the TRX Rip Trainer (Pete Holman). I haven’t seen Pete since early 2012 so it was great to see him (and punch him in the stomach) again. The trip also meant that I got to spend some time with two people I call friends, the head of TRX education Fraser Quelch and the Head of TRX Group Training Dan McDonogh.  It is always a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with these two people and the conference gave us time to relax and have some time together.

The Australian TRX Faculty were outstanding at the conference. We were a big part of the conference for such a small group. We were part of organising group trips, team activities and we even had a presence during the TRX “TED” Talks.

I am really looking forward to attend another one of these events. Ok yes, it looks like a lot of fun (and it is!) but the end result is better educated TRX Instructors and a tighter International TRX Instructor Cadre.

Enjoy the pics 😀


CEC Courses for personal trainers
TRX 1 arm row with some ahem kinaesthetic reinforcement
Personal Training Academy
TRX Instructor Chaddy at the conference
personal training academy
Dan McDonogh during the “runners stretch”
trx at PTAcademy
All the way from Yugoslavia, Dimi does a huge TRX jump lunge
Personal Training Academy
Chris Frankel points out some technical points for the side plank
Personal Training Academy
Fraser Quelch relates the side plank points to the TRX Suspension Trainer
TRX at Personal Training Academy
TRX Australian liaison Grant Twible doing the TRX Rip Squat Row
PT Academy TRX
TRX Instructor Krista performing excellent TRX Rip Squat Jump Rows
PTAcademy courses for personal trainers
Krista looking “stacked” doing the TRX Rip Stack
TRX Rip courses for personal trainers
TRX Australia Instructors Marin and Tuckey working on good technique during the TRX Rip Squat Row
Fitness Education for personal trainers
One of the under-utilised uses for the TRX Suspension Trainer is Mobility. A lot of the course was based around that.
Personal training Academy
TRX Rip Inventor Pete Holman rev’s up the coaching Cadre
TRX fitness Education
Great pic of a full TRX S Frame with the instructors performing a Standing Plank
TRX CEC courses for personal trainers
The TRX Rip Stack, executed beautifully
Personal Training Academy
Two words – Acro Yoga!
Personal training academy fitness education
Chaddy delivering his TRX “TED” Talk.