Your job is to make a personal connection. It says it right in the name: Personal Trainer. You work with individuals to create facilitate personal growth, which first requires you to gain an understanding of your client. Fitness is about more than someone’s physical abilities, and their progress will be at least partially determined by their mindset. 

Mindset and motivation are connected, but not the same. You may have a client who is extremely motivated to lose weight, but has gotten themselves into a mindset that prevents them from taking the necessary steps to do so. Negativity, self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty block us from achieving the things we want, and it is no different with your clients. 

To truly help your clients and guide them down a path of self-improvement, you must first understand what it is that has already prevented them from reaching their goals on their own. If becoming who we want to be was as easy as just wanting it, all of us would be our ideal selves. In reality, achieving what we want and becoming who we want to be is a process, one that requires a whole lot of guidance and support. 

At PT Academy, we work closely with fitness instructors and professionals from around the world, all seeking education and knowledge to further their careers. We offer courses III & IV in fitness and continuing education courses for our established alum and other experienced professionals in the industry. Our programming is designed to help you become a better personal trainer, and to help you learn the tools you’ll need to help your clients become their best selves. 

Now, we’re offering the Mindset Performance Credential level 2, a course designed to teach you tools for uncovering your mindset and unlocking the mental blocks of your clients. Here’s what you need to know. 

About the Mindset Performance Credential

Expanding upon the basics of mindset performance, this level 2 credential is led by experts in human behavior, motivation, and fitness Dr. Brian Grasso, Dr. Mike T. Nelson, and Carrie Campbell L.C. Passionate about helping people to uncover and eliminate unconscious inhibitors, presenters Grasso, Nelson, and Campbell carefully lead students through the course, providing them with important tools along the way. 

By the end of the mindfulness performance credential, you will be equipped with the ability to identify unconscious inhibitors in yourself and others, which can help you to become a better PT, and produce better results for your clients. These skills are ones that can be taught to clients in private sessions to help them break free of their unconscious biases towards themselves. 

If a client doesn’t believe in themselves, it won’t matter how motivated they are to get in shape, their unconscious mental block will prevent it from ever happening. By making clients conscious of their biases, we as personal trainers can help them to form healthier, more positive thought patterns that encourage healthier behaviors and habits. 

Moving Beyond Self-Doubt

Many people choose to hire a personal trainer because they feel they will not be able to achieve their desired results on their own. In many ways, this is true, since personal trainers often have a better understanding of the human body and how to move it to create results than the average individual. That said, few people realize that what they get from a personal trainer is far more than a simple exercise routine.

Trained in mindset performance, a personal trainer can help their client to change not only their physical being, but their mental and emotional mindsets as well. To achieve amazing physical results, it is important to place focus on the mind and to work to acknowledge false beliefs that could be preventing success. As personal trainers, we can help pull our clients out of negative thinking patterns, and show them how to engage with their fears, concerns, or worries in a more constructive way. 

If you have a client that is convinced they won’t be able to achieve their goals, they won’t. If you can work with that client to change their mindset and to allow them to see the possibilities that lie before them, you will be able to help them achieve their goals. With your help, your clients can break down the mental barriers that have held them back, and can grow to be stronger, more grounded, and present individuals. 

Sign up for our Mindset Performance Credential today to reserve your slot, and be sure to visit PT Academy online to learn more about how we can help you build a career in fitness! 


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