Wow, WAFIC was such a great event.  Although WAFIC is a small conference compared to the likes of Filex, IDEA World or FitEx, what this conference lacks in numbers it makes up for it with passion. The delegates that attend are always super enthusiastic and wanting to learn. And as usual, the Network team of staff and volunteers did an amazing job organising the event.

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I only had one session this year. Although Personal Training Academy was involved in a couple of sessions through our education partners the Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK) I was only in charge of planning and delivering one session, the self titled “Chaddy’s Epic Circuit”. The title would imply that this was going to be a high intensity, high threshold workout. It was anything but! I think it was still “Epic” ;D.

We started with some mobility drills using SandBells and a tool you may not have thought to use for mobility before – a Battling Rope. Then we played some games. Some were loaded movements with games around them, whilst others were so enjoyable that participants had no idea their heart rate was up and their body was moving and resisting force. We finished the session with some more mobility work to leave everyone feeling energised for the following day. (Either that or energy for the delegate drinks that night!)

This conference is also a great chance to catch up with other industry leaders and friends. It was great to see people like John Polley, Gareth Houley and Adam Floyd and a special treat this year was meeting fellow PTA Global Faculty member Derek Vandenbrink from Canada.

It is such a privilege to be a part of these events and hopefully to give coaches an understanding of new training methods, plus inspire them to think outside the square.

I would love to do that session at Filex with 120 people!


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