This is a guest post regarding a PT position, by Tanya Carroll, head coach at Livestrong Primal Fitness in Keilor Park, VIC.


Dear Prospective Tribe Member,

Thank you for taking the time to click through and find out more about the position we are looking to fill. We are looking specifically for someone who is qualified in Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness or who has a degree in Exercise Physiology. (CHEK qualifications or study will also be highly regarded.)

We are #notanormalgym, so you will notice that our expectations are very high and that we pride ourselves on the results our members achieve and the community we have helped create.

If you are successful in your application for this position you will be part of a tribe. As such you will be representing us in your community so your values will be aligned with how coach at Livestrong Primal Fitness.

Our business has been established in its current premises for 2 ½ years and we both have been in the industry for 9 years. Andrew is studying Chiropractic at Uni full-time and I am continuing my study with the Chek Institute. We place a great deal of emphasis on study and continued education so expect that of our Tribe.

Andrew has qualifications as a level 1 Crossfit Coach as well as Chek HLC2. I am a Chek Practitioner level 1 and Chek HLC3. We have a high standing within the Chek community and have hosted many Chek courses at our facility. We have also hosted MovNat and more recently NKT, so you would also have a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow.

Our members and clients range from senior ranking local football players to rehabilitation to those training in strength and conditioning. As well as Mums and Dads. We have 6 children ourselves so children are welcome in the gym. We also conduct children’s sessions.

Our business is expanding and we are looking for someone to take our Primal Group Sessions. We are looking for someone who is experienced, enthusiastic and willing to learn, so that we provide the experience people expect when coming into a ‘primal’ gym.

Tasks you’ll be expected to perform:

  • Coach clients during group sessions – up to 12 people per session. You will be responsible for clients care and health during these sessions. You will be expected to know each clients history and be able to modify any given exercise to suit their needs and challenges. You will follow the given programming for each group session.
  • Demonstrate proper exercise instruction – We need you to be able to provide visual, auditory and kinesthetic demonstration of every exercise in each session. You will need to be able to communicate with each client so that they understand each exercise. You must have a thorough understanding of anatomy and human movement and be able to answer client’s questions in regard to the human body. You will need to develop an understanding of our programming and be able to explain that to our clients.
  • Track client’s progress – you will need to provide us with up to date information on each client after each session. You will be seeing some of our clients whom we may have limited face to face contact with so we expect that you will be able to keep their files and us updated with progress, injuries, difficulties they might be having, as well as positive feedback.
  • Perform fitness evaluations – you will have skills that enable you to perform girth measurements, skin fold testing, manual blood pressure (with a stethoscope), as well as visual movement analysis. We will teach you more advanced methods of assessment.
  • Provide ongoing health and fitness education – our clients see us as the experts so you will be required to spend time keeping up to date with current studies in regard to health and fitness. Our clients expect a high degree of knowledge and understanding from us.

Required skills:

These are the minimum requirements for you to be a successful applicant for this position:

  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Personal Fitness Insurance
  • Up to date First Aid certificate
  • CEC course/s attended in the last 12 months (must include practical element)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work autonomously.

We will NOT be taking applications via phone, FB, or in the gym. You must either email us [email protected] or mail to Livestrong Primal Fitness, Unit 2, 1-9 Thomsons Rd Keilor Park VIC 3042, your current resume and cover letter

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