If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, you are probably drawn to the chance to work one-on-one with diverse clients. Each individual is unique, and as a personal trainer, you will get the chance to discover a multitude of personalities, physical abilities, and standout stories. Like your future clients, you are also a unique individual with your own unique learning style.

At PT Academy, we are sort of like the personal trainer of personal trainers. We provide in-depth certificate programs and continuing education courses to future and current personal trainers, working to provide world-class education and communal support for a thriving career in the health and fitness industry. Our personal trainer programs are designed to support any learning style, whether you love to read or just want to get up and run, we’ve got you covered!

Learning Styles

In conventional mainstream thought, there are four recognized learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic. Each considered equal, these unique learning styles give us insight into how we learn best, helping us to take action and make choices for the advancement of our life-long education. In terms of becoming a personal trainer, understanding your own learning style can help you focus on particular aspects of the PT Academy certificate programs, and will help you to relate more closely to future clients.


If you are a visual learner, images, videos, and demonstrations are your best friend. You learn best when you can watch someone else do a task first, then try it yourself. When reading, you find that images and graphics help you remember key points of the text, and love doodling during a lecture to help you keep your focus. Visual learners are often better at remembering landmarks than street names or addresses, and will most certainly do better reading a map than written directions.


If you are an auditory learner, noise is your best friend. Listening to someone talk, or talking yourself, is how you process information, and engaging in a lively conversation will always leave a bigger impression on you than reading something or analyzing a graph. Music, noise, and rhythm play a big role in your life, and you find yourself feeling more interested in the soundtrack to a movie than the movie itself. Do you find yourself speaking aloud as you read? If so, you might just be an auditory learner.


If you struggle to pay attention when someone is speaking, or while watching a movie, and find you would rather read the transcript or the book, you are likely a reading/writing learner. Reading/writing learners often process information best by first reading it, then writing it themselves; take notes during a lecture, for example. If you learn well by reading notes on a whiteboard then copying them into your own notes, you might just be a reading/writing learner.


If you are a kinesthetic learner, you learn best by doing rather than seeing, hearing, or reading how to do it. Instead of looking at a diagram or waiting for someone to explain, you’ll want to grab the materials and try them out yourself. Kinesthetic learners will never feel confident in their level of knowledge or expertise until they have physically participated in some aspect of the work. Want to find out if you are a kinesthetic learner? Try walking around in an open part of your home next time you are reading; if this helps you concentrate, you might just be a kinesthetic learner.

How PT Academy Can Help You Learn

At PT Academy, our personal trainer courses are designed for every type of learner. We offer courses for Certificates III and IV in fitness covering topics like human anatomy, assessing clients, fitness trends, nutrition, and much more. We offer two unique delivery options so you can choose the one that fits best with your life and routine.

Essentials Delivery

The Essentials Delivery option requires students to complete theory courses on our eLearning platform, then spend a designated number of independent gym hours under the guidance and supervision of an approved licensed Personal Trainer. The Essentials Delivery option allows for more independent learning, letting you complete your hours at your own pace whenever it is most convenient.

This option is best for Reading/Writing and Visual learners as ample time will be allowed for consumption of the online content as well as one-on-one demonstrations with an approved PT.

Premium Delivery

The Premium Delivery option requires students to complete theory courses on our eLearning platform, then come into a PT Academy Training Centre for face to face workshops with our highly-qualified trainers. The Premium Delivery option allows for group learning opportunities and offers ample opportunity for hands-on learning with experts.

This option is best for Auditory and Kinesthetic learners. Workshops include lots of talking and lots of moving, so talkers and movers will feel right at home!



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