When it comes to finding the perfect job, new research* shows it’s not all about the money. With as many as 80,000 hours being spent at work, it’s important that you know what is really going to satisfy you over the long term. As you’re reading the other 9 top things below (money is of course one of the top 10) why not compare your current job to becoming a personal trainer, and see if you are in the right career. The list below is not in any particular order as some things may be more important to you than others, but consider all!

1) Passion

Helping people become their best has to be the best job around. It’s not hard to be passionate when you know that your daily work will go to making meaningful change in those around you. Ask yourself…do I feel that is what I am doing in my current job? Am I identifying with the company mission statement, and what they do? Or am I just going through the motions each day…

2) Location

Commuting can ruin even a good job. With the option of working from home, in a park or at a nearby gym/facility, you should be able to avoid the soul crushing commute, and also keep out of peak hour as a personal trainer. How long are you spending in your current commute?

3) Workplace

What about your actual workspace? With the option of outdoor training, or being in a facility that aligns with your passion whether it is a gym, pool, or other fitness centre, or even establishing your own studio/facility, this is as far away from being stuck in a cubicle as you can imagine.

4) Work-life balance

Maintaining work-life balance is critically important for your personal health, wellbeing, and relationships – how does your current job stack up? Few personal trainers work 9-5, most enjoy a mix of on-time and down-time during the day, with the flexibility to create a work day that suits their energy and other interests.

5) Job title

Taking salaries out of it, this is a big one for some. Manager, Chief, Vice and so on count for many of us. If you’re running your own business you can of course call yourself any of those things, but from personal experience, wearing a tee-shirt that says “Personal Trainer” is a pretty cool job title.

6) Company culture

Would you prefer working in a small or a large company, or on your own? Is the working environment relaxed, informal or formal? Do the managers inspire you? Do you like the uniform or dress code (you won’t be wearing a suit again as a personal trainer!)? Are the people welcoming and friendly – these and other questions will help you decide if you want to work for yourself in a studio or outside, or in a facility with lots of other people.

7) Opportunities

Looking for growth opportunities? Personal training places a large emphasis on continuing education, in fact it’s a requirement of being registered with Fitness Australia. As a health professional times never stand still, so the opportunity to grow, to specialise, to innovate are endless. Whether you aspire to be a celebrity trainer, an Instagram influencer, or just build a good long-term clientele, you are the one in control of your future.

8) Recognition

This also is a big one for many. It might come in the form of money (bonus), words of appreciation or a new opportunity, but one of the most powerful measures of job satisfaction is if you are receiving recognition. As a personal trainer the feedback is instantaneous – if you are a good one you will get people saying, often with tears that you have changed their life, how’s that for recognition?

9) Colleagues

They say you can’t choose your in-laws, but you must choose well your work-mates. Getting among positive, encouraging people will change your day. It’s not a rule, but more an observation that the type of people who are drawn to the “helping” professions are often well-balanced people for whom job satisfaction is about more than money. If you are sick of the cut-throat world of business, you will probably enjoy the supportive atmosphere that a personal trainer works in.

And of course money…

But the personal trainer career can also be very lucrative, so we’re going to look at this one on it’s own in the next article. For now though, with 9 of the top 10 things discussed, you can see why I think Personal Training is one of the best jobs in the world.

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  • See also “Better than money: The Top 10 things we look for in a new job” by Sarah Arrazola


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