trx functional training

Personal Training Academy launches the new format of the very popular TRX Suspension Training Course (TRX STC) this month and one theme stands out strongly: upholding movement STANDARDS.  

What does that mean? Where does it come from?

Over the past 15 years of educating trainers, coaches and fitness professionals all over the world, TRX’s top trainers couldn’t help but notice something. Some course participants were truly interested in performing movements correctly – biomechanically correctly, as in trying to get the right body structures doing the right jobs – but FAR too many had gotten a little careless about their movements. They had an attitude you could sum up as ‘near enough is good enough’. And, well, if we are going to instruct people to move safely, we can’t have a casual attitude to our own movement and technique. It makes us far less effective as trainers and coaches.

Ultimately, being a true fitness professional rests on your physical, emotional and mental integrity.

How can we teach other people to move if we don’t move well ourselves?

How can we help people if we don’t really care about helping others?

How can we help other people get their lives on the right track if our lives are in a mess because we don’t take our own advice?

Saying ‘do as I say, not as I do’ means we lack authenticity – and clients can see right through us.

So: in the interests of making the whole system BETTER, the TRX STC has been re-launched and powerfully re-written, to help participants move towards continual improvement. It will help people identify their own weaknesses and work on them as well as teaching them everything they need to know about moving WELL on the TRX Suspension Trainer. It’ll give participants a solid foundation exercise library and will help them COACH better too. It’ll remind participants that they movement is a skill you PRACTICE, not something you’re simply good at or not, and that we can all move somewhere closer to BETTER. Better mobility, better strength, better fitness, better coordination – there’s always something to work on.