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taking the time to say hello and find out a members goals

Okay! You’ve got your PT qualification and ready to get out there to start making a difference, but there’s a little glitch! You have to market yourself, put yourself out there, tell people about what you’re doing in a confident and convincing manner! UH OH! This can be a challenging first step and often creates a lot of fear in new PTs. This fear may be about being judged, not having enough experience, not knowing what to say or other worries.

All these fears can sloooow down your progress and put a damper on your confidence. When you started your PT qualification you probably weren’t even thinking about how you would promote your service to people, right?

In my experience developing hundreds of Personal Trainers, face-to-face self-promotion is a MASSIVE stumbling block. Walking up to members on the gym floor, getting visible and telling people what they can do for their clients freaks PTs out!

So perhaps once we truly appreciate the benefits of prospecting and use some tried and tested techniques it might not seem like such an insurmountable task.

So why – and how – do you do promote your business face to face?


  • You get a chance to create instant rapport, connect and find some common ground while demonstrating credibility and approachability.
  • It’s a chance for you to pre-qualify the lead; they see you, you see them, are they a good potential client?
  • It’s a good way to appear “busy” when you’re new and don’t have hundreds of clients; perception is reality and if other gym members see you helping and engaging with people, they SEE and BELIEVE you are trustworthy and sought after.


Name – Goal – Progress – This technique breaks the ice and allows you to explore the member’s needs.

“Hi I’m Mel, what’s your name? What’s the goal of your workout today? How’s the progress going with that, your goal, etc.?”

Different Exercise – Same Muscle – This technique complements the member for things they are doing well and provides them with variety, while demonstrating your knowledge. This also prevents the blocks that occur when a PT tells a member they are doing something WRONG.

“Do you mind if I show you a different exercise that works those same muscle groups in a slightly different way?”

Who was that masked PT? – This shows the member you can be trusted and that you have no intention other than helping them. This is a great way to build trust and when you meet the member again, you can continue the conversation

“Hi I’m Mel, can I help you adjust that seat? Great, enjoy the rest of your workout!”

Just Tidying Up Here – This demonstrates that you are conscientious, helpful and NON-threatening!

Walk past the member, make eye contact, smile, continue to “tidy” the gym floor, return and offer assistance. (refer to the techniques above)

Promo Conversation/Event “Just letting members know….” – This gives you a reason to chat with members, because you’re keeping them in the know.

“Hi, I just wanted to invite you along to my member info night next tuesday on the myths of cardio training. I’m sure you’ll love it!”

Turning prospects into gold – booking complimentary sessions:

  • Be available the times you want clients
  • Act as if they are already your clients.
  • Pay attention to buying signals.
  • Be prepared with phone/calendar
  • Book in a tentative apt.
  • Ask for their contact details so you can let them know if there are any changes
  • Let them know you’ll contact them 24 hours before to confirm
  • Give them an out

Conversation for booking prospects into comps:

  1. “I’d love to spend more time with you and help you with your goals, the best thing would be to arrange a comp session where we can focus on those areas etc.”
  2. “How does this same time next week sound?”
  3. “Can I grab your contact details? That way I can text you the night before and you can let me know if anything changes.”
  4. “Thanks so much for that, please allow 45 minutes for the session, and bring a towel and water bottle.”
  5. “I look forward to it, see you then.”
  1. Don’t forget to confirm!

In conclusion, the next time you’re in panic mode and you think you don’t want to bother someone on the gym floor, re-connect with your INTENTION is to help out in any way you can. That will come through when you speak to members, and some will eventually become your clients. You’ve earned your PT Qualification, now go forward and prospect with confidence!

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