What a fantastic day!

Zuu CobraA brilliant group of excited (and nervous) coaches attended the second public ZUU course in Melbourne today. We went through ZUU culture and how you can create a great team environment by incorporating some simple methods. We experienced (or is that endured?) a 40 minute ZUU training session.

We learned the ZUU Cobra Level 1 movements and then the guys got to practice coaching them. We wrapped the day up with all of the coaches programming a small ZUU circuit and coaching the whole group through it. It’s fair to say….that’s a big day of movement!

It was great to see the guys leave the day (although very tired) ready and able to make these moves scalable to their clients. If you want to be a part of this fantastic movement and help “get the country moving” then come to our next ZUU course near you.

Melbourne’s newest ZUU instructors.

CEC courses at PT Academy CEC courses at PT Academy

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