Today we have a guest post for you from Vanessa Leone, Movement Therapist, personal trainer at Virgin Active and one of our ZUU Master Instructors.  Enjoy!

zuu training courses at PT Academy

My name is Vanessa and I am a full time personal trainer, movement therapist and a ZUU and Ankorr (ZUU movements with a loaded harness!) Master Instructor. My first encounter with ZUU was more than two years ago when I was introduced to it via a DVD at work when Virgin were looking at adding ZUU classes. I thought it was completely crazy! The next month, I signed up for the training and there was no looking back for me from that point!  Nathan Helberg, the creator of ZUU, created an amazing atmosphere for the first round of training. I had never been challenged and rewarded so much in one session – I was completely hooked!

My own training was transformed. I moved from more traditional heavy resistance training to unloaded, body weight, high intensity training and my whole body changed because of it. Today I am fitter, stronger and less injured than I ever have been in my life, and I used to compete at a National level for Sport Aerobics. I only wish I had started ZUU ten years ago!

When we first introduced classes at Virgin they instantly took off. We have grown them progressively ever since. Many people see the moves and think it’s not for them, but over time they are persuaded by the team culture and by observing the strength and fitness gains of other participants. The class is non-intimidating, team orientated and a FUN, heavy sweat session.

I have now come full circle as a Master Instructor and I love seeing new ZUU instructors fall in love with ZUU and the culture that it creates.  Personal Training Academy’s ZUU Continuing Education Credit (CEC) course for personal trainers is presented in a group-based and energising format. There is no other system like it!

You aren’t just learning movements, you are learning how to empower and inspire people to change their lives.

PT Academy is running a ZUU course on Saturday, 2 November in Rozelle, NSW. Call PTA on 1300 556 540 to book.

Zuu courses for personal trainers

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