Why NOW Is the Best Time to Start Your New Career in Fitness

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If you’ve thought about starting a career in fitness before, NOW is a great time to do it.

1. Discover your path to health AND happiness:

Finding a way to do what you love, helping others improve their lives and still making enough money to support yourself (and a family!) can be challenging. But oftentimes that people who choose meaningful career paths often live happier, more productive lives.  Coupled with the active lifestyle that accompanies a career in fitness, personal trainers are more likely to enjoy the benefits of a well balanced and rewarding career path.

2. Limitless locations:

Earning your Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness online allows you to study from any location, which may also be true for your career.  Forget the image of personal trainers being confined to a gym!  Starting a career in fitness can mean working with clients in their own homes, at parks, on luxury cruise ships, small studios, large gyms, at corporate health companies, with professional sports teams and more!

3. Technology is your best friend:

Online learning also lets you study at your own pace, from any location, giving you the freedom to keep working and earn a wage as you study. You can start your career in fitness when the time is best for you. Cloud computing also lets you manage precious recourses like time and expense on a monthly basis at a low cost.

4. Take advantage of the winter months:

Earn your qualification and build your client base before the summer’s busy season. Winter is the best time to prepare your summer fitness AND your new summer career!

5. With waiting comes regret:

Instead of waiting yourself into regret, learn from the best in the industry and change your life TODAY.  Get up to $750 off your Certificates III and IV in Fitness from Personal Training Academy before 31 July, 2014.  Call PTA now at 1300 556 540 to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.




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