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PTA GLOBAL was formed in 2008 and launched in 2009.

The PTA Global founding team informally interviewed hundreds of club owners, operators, managers, directors, and trainers – new, old, in and out of the industry.

From this aggregated information, we developed our patented Systems, Sciences, and Tools™ to provide practically proven, scientifically validated solutions to address industry challenges and needs.



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PT Academy is the only official education provider of the TRX exercise system in Australia.
This includes:

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • TRX Rip Training
  • TRX Functional Training Circuit

PT Academy is also a distributor of official TRX equipmet and products.

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Trigger Point Performance Therapy Logo


Based on the foundation of biomechanics, sports performance, injury prevention, and the muscular structure that supports the efforts of the body in motion, Cassidy Phillips developed Trigger Point Therapy and products.
Trigger Point Therapy utilises Myofascial Release to address trigger points, adhesions and retrain the pattern of movement by opening up the neurological pathway and allowing greater muscular proprioception.

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Hyperwear Simple Powerful Gear Logo


Founded in Austin, Texas Hyperwear develops safe and versatile functional training equipment.
The choice of many pro and collegiate athletic teams, top CrossFit and OCR athletes, military, police and fire personnel.

PT Academy delivers official Hyperwear Sandbell training courses.

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OD on the Movement Logo


ODOM recognizes movement as a key element of life. To optimize movement there are three very important components of the body that need to be addressed; tissue, motion and force.

Concepts, techniques and applications created by ODOM such as Fascial Freeing, Fascial Mobilizers and Play fused with Specific Movement Patterns organically permit these three components to play their roles successfully.


Cadence Health Logo


Cadence Health is a globally recognised college offering training courses for professional continuing education points for health and fitness professionals; our main education programs are internationally recognised qualifications in health, nutrition and wellbeing coaching. We are dedicated to the improvement of community health, our training is based on a Finnish-style education approach where experience is essential in real learning. ‘Cadence’ refers to the ‘balance between the forces of push and pull’ and that’s what Cadence is about. Balanced views, balanced life, balanced forces!


Australian Fitness Network Logo


Established by Greg Hurst and Dr Garry Edgar, the Australia Fitness Network has been operating since 1999 reflecting the expansion of the fitness industry from fitness instructors to owners, managers, instructors and personal trainers.

Today, the Australian Fitness Network provides conventions, courses and industry publications keeping members informed of continuing fitness industry innovations.


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Featured six times on the Inc 500 list of the fastest growing, privately-owned companies, NPE is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their goals through coaching and the application of systems designed to hit targets and create growth.

Brain Body Integration Logo


Our company’s mission is to enhance athletic performance in Australian sport through boosting body-brain integration.

Brain Body Integration concentrates of reducing stress, increasing resilience and confidence.

One Fit Stop Logo


OneFitStop is dedicated software for the fitness industry for professionals and clients that takes the hassle out of business management.

The OneFitStop platform performs the following:

  • scheduling
  • client management
  • online bookings & payments
  • messaging & notifications
  • lead management
  • reporting and more…

Welcome Fit



Everything you need to build an online fitness business.

We’re on a mission to get more people moving, so we want to help trainers grow successful online businesses.  Getting started is easy.  Simply list new sessions and we’ll find clients for you!  If you already have a client base, our patented camera views and use of video clips will turn your phone or laptop into a fitness studio. Train 1-1 or groups of up to 6, create landing pages for sessions and promote them to attract new clients, set your fees, accept payments and more… Join us and start your global fitness business.