Certificate III

Thinking about turning your love for fitness into a career? The Certificate III in fitness from PT Academy is the entry-level into the fitness industry. After successfully completing this certification, you will qualify to work as a gym floor instructor. Your key responsibility will be to help clients to use gym or fitness equipment and take small groups through programming.

Certificate III in fitness offered in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities in Australia

At PT Academy, Certificate III in Fitness offers you a hands-on approach to learning while studying physiology, anatomy, and nutrition. Our master educators and trainers will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to conduct independent fitness assessments and design fitness programs that can help people to actually achieve their health and fitness goals.

If you have already completed the Certificate III in Fitness and you’re planning to advance your fitness career, check out the PT Academy Certificate IV or the other numerous PT courses we offer.

Why Get Your Certificate III at PTA?

Proactive learning

PT Academy is a family run business that is fully committed to providing world-class learning. We have a dedicated team that supports students with learning that is encouraging and enjoyable. At PTA, we believe that when personal development is powered by engagement and excitement, the final results will be greater.

Although we often advocate for face to face learning, this isn’t always possible. For this reason, we have blended workshop days and an online training program where you can access your learning texts, receive support, engage with peers, and submit your written materials. This option has become very popular because:

Receive training from industry experts

Part of what makes PT Academy different is our team of dedicated, highly experienced, and educated lecturers who provide comprehensive and personal approaches to your learning. Our instructors will ensure that you start your career with confidence, knowing that the knowledge and skills you have received are those needed in the fitness industry.

More job opportunities

At PT Academy, we also go the extra mile to set up interviews for our students with some of the most reputable fitness facilities in Australia. For instance, Virgin Active, Fitness First and Snap Fitness, among several others.

Powerful Business Skills - Power Up 8 Program

At PT Academy, we know that getting certified is just the beginning of your journey. That’s why we developed our Power Up 8 Program, which includes eight specific modules designed to give you the skills, templates, and confidence to establish your PT business quickly and effectively.

Our Power Up program is unique because it is tailored to the specific needs of Personal Trainers who are just starting out. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn in each of our eight modules:

Activate Your Vision & Goals – Discover your true gifts and talents, and unlock the motivation you need to achieve your BIG goals. Our language modules will help you think and speak in a way that sets you and your business up for success.

PT Confidence Hack – Develop a growth mindset and learn how to reframe any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Create a pre-session ritual that gets you in the best state for your client and your business.

Time & Energy Management – Boost your productivity through energy management. Identify and prioritise tasks that have the biggest impact on your business for supercharging your productivity!

Selling Without the Push – Selling is not a dirty word; learn how to boost your sales by committing to inner and outer work using the “assistant buyer” technique. Understand the key role that quality services play in converting sales.

Streamlining Client Services – Delivering exceptional client service is vital to maintaining client retention. Learn how to use the tools (including Kaizen 6 Feedback) that will ensure you provide ultimate service to clients, resulting in better retention and results.

Lead Generation – Filling your funnel with potential leads is key to your business’s success. This module will provide you with multiple channels and prospecting techniques and approach new members on the floor effectively, which will generate a continual stream of leads in and out of the gym.

Engineering “Wow” Experiences, Not Just Workouts – Learn to create the ultimate first session for your clients, using the structure and process that creates an exercise experience, not just a workout.

Understanding Your Client – Utilize a powerful tool to create a personalised experience for your clients. Learn about your client’s likes and dislikes, build quick rapport, & create a bond before each session.

By enrolling in our Power Up 8 Program, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to start your PT business on the right foot. You’ll be equipped with valuable tools and techniques that will enable you to streamline your services, generate leads, and create a personalised experience for each client. Invest in yourself and your business by enrolling today!


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What our Graduates say

“As someone who has had the pleasure of completing both Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness with PTA, I can not speak highly enough of them. Personal Training Academy have created a fantastic culture, one I’m proud to be part of. They are by far the industry leaders in fitness education. Course facilitators are extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to ensure their students enter the industry as future leaders. Great work PTA and thank you.”

Certificate III & IV in Fitness (SIS30321 + SIS40221)

Enroll for the Certificate III in Fitness


Before you get started, there are a few requirements, including a pre-training review, language literacy, and numeracy assessment. We also prefer students interested in health and fitness and a hunger to learn the new trends in this dynamic industry. Remember that PT Academy doesn’t have school terms or specific enrollment dates. Once you complete the enrolment process and pre-training review, you can begin your training.

Personal Training Academy delivers nationally recognised training in partnership with and under the auspices of International Fitness Academy RTO 32433

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